Alcohol – Three Phase Process – Absorption-Transportation-Change


Alcohol, unlike food, is not digested by the human body. Absorption in the body begins sub-lingually – or beneath the tongue. Once in the stomach, the alcohol is absorbed directly into your blood stream through the tissue lining the stomach and small intestine. You can slow down the absorption process by eating food, or drinking water and fruit juice. To speed up the absorption process try drinking a carbonated beverage.


The blood stream, of course, is the mode of transportation of alcohol throughout your entire body. Given that your blood travels through your body about twice every three minutes, the alcohol quickly and easily affects your brain and all other organs every 1:30 seconds.


You all have heard the fact that alcohol is poisonous to the human body. In order for it not to be lethal, the body changes it to a non-toxic substance. Though beware, in large quantities alcohol is lethal! Approximately 10% of the alcohol is eliminated through sweat, breath, and urine. Detoxifying and ridding the body of the rest of the alcohol is the job of the liver. The liver detoxifies, or breaks down, alcohol at a rate of one half an ounce per hour (although this varies individually). When the rate of alcohol consumed exceeds the liver’s detoxification rate, the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream continues to increase, further impairing the brain, causing intoxication, coma, or possibly death.