Would Alcohol Awareness Class Change Drinking Age?

Alcohol laws vary drastically from country-to-country.  They also vary from state-to-state right here in the United States. The other day, I was reading through the Office of Safety and Security's crime log when I came across a report that an underage student had used a fake ID, bought alcohol... [More]

UK College Bans Alcohol In Residences

Queen’s made the decision to ban alcohol in residence during Orientation Week this year as part of our strategy to reduce high risk behavior, increase student safety and help students successfully transition to university life. Early indications are that the ban contributed to a more positive... [More]

LSU Students Need Alcohol Awareness Class

I attended a few different colleges and visited numerous others, and one thing they all have in common is there is a lot of drinking, Louisiana State University located in Baton Rouge, LA is thinking its problem is excessive. What do you think? LSU’s Health Service Center did a survey and fou... [More]

Mother Needs More Than An Alcohol Awareness Class

I seem to blog almost every day about parents who refuse to be parents and provide their children with alcohol.  Alcohol certainly increases the chances that something negative will happen in your life.  That said - why would a parent supply their kid with booze? The following is a true s... [More]

Kiwi Parents Need Alcohol Awareness Class

Kiwi parents' boozing and liberal attitudes to alcohol are having deadly effects on their kids. It has been revealed this week that more than one New Zealander under the age of 25 is dying each week from alcohol-related causes. The revelation came from the Child and Youth Mortality Review Committe... [More]

Illinois Students Getting Minor in Possession Class

There was a time when children got dressed up to go to school. They respected their teachers and feared being sent to the principal’s office. While this may not quite be a sign of the apocalypse, I just cannot understand youth these days. As bad as I was, I never went to school in a drunken s... [More]

Drunken Student Needs Oklahoma Minor in Possession Class

Do you ever remember going to class drunk? I did it a few times in college, although I mostly skipped class when I was buzzed. I certainly never went to high school classes in a drunken state. This year, unlike any in the past, I have read a number of stories of students having been inebriated in t... [More]

Illinois Teens Need Minor in Possession Classes

Generation after generation of teenagers have been lectured by everyone from police and school officials to family and friends about the consequences associated with drinking alcohol. Sometimes the words sink in. Often they don't. I recently blogged about 15 Naperville North High School in Illinoi... [More]

Alcohol-Free Rush!

One of the rites of passage of Greek Life at major universities is rush. There has been talk recently among colleges all across America of making rush a “spring” event. For many institutions this idea has failed miserably, despite the fact that it makes perfect sense. At the University ... [More]