Fend Off Peer Pressure With Alcohol Class

How influential is peer pressure? If you have lived longer than 12 years, I am, sure you have experienced it on some level. If you have made it to adulthood and have children that age you know that peer pressure can be extreme. Perceptions of peer drinking of alcohol may be the strongest predictor ... [More]

Should Students Be tested for Alcohol at School Events?

Things certainly are not getting any easier in high school. Restrictions are tougher, kids seem to be getting tougher and there is little if no trust on the part of school officials and administrators. In some parts of the country students suspected of being under the influence of alcohol at prom a... [More]

Teens Get Good lesson in Alcohol Awareness

One of the great new teaching methods that authorities are using with teens in their effort to fight driving under the influence are classroom simulations. These simulations give the sober student a chance to experience how impaired they are under the influence of alcohol. This certainly is the cas... [More]

Candy Shows Need for Alcohol Awareness Class

It seems like every day a new fad comes out – especially with respect to teenagers. What is one of the latest disturbing trends – alcohol candy. Young drinkers have started to disguise the presence of alcohol by soaking candy, such as gummy worms and gummy bears, in alcohol to get drunk... [More]

Harvard Students Need More Alcohol Awareness Classes

What comes to mind when you picture Harvard University? Probably not a bunch of drunken frat boys doing 2-story beer bongs, right?  Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts, like all other schools in the country have a problem with underage drinking. The school, a leader in many fields, is taking a... [More]

Boston College Knows About Online Alcohol Classes

A certain fact is that college students will drink alcohol. Will anyone disagree with that? The key is keeping the brightest of our nation’s future safe. It is always nice when we see that colleges, hospitals, and other institutions seek to educate their personnel. This has a double-edged posi... [More]