Family Time Decreases Likelihood of Addiction Issues

Good solid family with open lines of communication and strong interaction is instrumental in keeping kids off of drugs and alcohol. If you can keep them off when they are younger, it will certainly help their future. How many times a week does your family eat dinner together? The answer to this qu... [More]

Virginia Teens Need MIP Classes

Teens are a hard group to get through.  If you are a teenager now, you think you know it all, and even if you don’t, you’re young and things will work out.  If you’re an adult trying to get through to a teen, good luck.  The best advice is to never give up – tr... [More]

Does Race Play a factor in Teen Alcohol Abuse?

When you were in high school did you use drugs or alcohol? Did your friends? Was there a certain stigma given to people who did? Did race play a factor? According to a new study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and reported by Business Week, Asian and black teens are less likely to party... [More]

Doctor Should Have Taken Alcohol Class

Doctors should know better. This Massachusetts doctor never should have provided alcohol to minors. For some it is merely illegal. For other, providing booze to minors can cost you your career. A prominent Latham physician provided alcohol to minors at a party at his home over the summer. Colonie ... [More]

Ivy League Student Needs Alcohol Drug Class

He made need an alcohol drug class, but that will only be part of the solution to the serious problem facing him. A student charged with selling marijuana as part of a prolific drug-dealing ring at Columbia University in New York will get a chance to wipe his record clean by spending at le... [More]

Alcohol Awareness Class Can Help With Parenting

Despite the fact that most parents of my generation smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol during pregnancies, most kids turned out ok. Nevertheless, it is surprising how many mothers continue to abuse their bodies while they are pregnant given all the medical knowledge available today. Real-Life Stor... [More]

Some Good News Regarding Alcohol Awareness

It would be nice to hear a little good news as our nation seeks to overcome its addiction to substances of all kinds. It seems like the news gets worse every day. The 2010 Youth Risk Behavior Survey showed that “there is a lot of good news,” according to student presenters. The number ... [More]

Online Alcohol Drug Class Makes Parents Aware

It comes as no surprise that when it comes to parents thinking about their own teens, they often put blinders on. A national poll finds that parents underestimate the likelihood that their own teenager has used alcohol or marijuana, while overestimating the drug use of other teens. Parents in Denia... [More]

Big Surprise – Collegians Need Online Alcohol Class

More students smoke pot than tobacco. Does that shock you. It does me! Alcohol isn’t the only drug available to students, but it’s certainly the most used.  In the past year, 76 percent of students in Indiana reported using alcohol, according to a recent study conducted by the Ind... [More]