Indian Teens Could USE Online MIP Class

There is no doubt the United States has a problem with underage consumption of fermented beverages. At least our bars and restaurants do their best not to serve minors. Have you heard about the problem they are having in India? The Blame Game As reported in Pa... [More]

Parents and Siblings Can Take Alcohol Classes Too

For those of you who read my blog regularly you know that I do everything I can to dissuade parents from providing alcohol for their children and their children’s friends. Just how important is the role of parental example? As reported in Parents play an important rol... [More]

Butt-Chugger Needs an Tennessee Alcohol Class

Just how dumb can college students be? It would seem there are no bounds! Anyone who has ever been on a college campus or watched the movie “Animal House” knows that heavy alcohol consumption and binge drinking are a regular part of college life. But this University of Tennessee student... [More]