MIP Classes Could Help Depressed Teens

Study after study has shown that teens suffering from depression and other mental disorders are much more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. They are much more likely to begin using them and becoming addicted to them in the future. Teens that get treatment for their major depressive disorder (MDD) ... [More]

Teen Drinking A Major Problem During Holidays

The Holiday season is a time for joy. It also is a time for drinking. When it comes to teens drinking, there usually are a bunch of really poor decisions made. Once teens are out of school it’s time to party with guests like Jack Daniels or a new kind of “spice” girl. While alcoh... [More]

Ivy League Student Needs Alcohol Drug Class

He made need an alcohol drug class, but that will only be part of the solution to the serious problem facing him. A student charged with selling marijuana as part of a prolific drug-dealing ring at Columbia University in New York will get a chance to wipe his record clean by spending at le... [More]

Some Good News Regarding Alcohol Awareness

It would be nice to hear a little good news as our nation seeks to overcome its addiction to substances of all kinds. It seems like the news gets worse every day. The 2010 Youth Risk Behavior Survey showed that “there is a lot of good news,” according to student presenters. The number ... [More]

Online Alcohol Drug Class Makes Parents Aware

It comes as no surprise that when it comes to parents thinking about their own teens, they often put blinders on. A national poll finds that parents underestimate the likelihood that their own teenager has used alcohol or marijuana, while overestimating the drug use of other teens. Parents in Denia... [More]