Utah Teens Need Minor in Possession Class

There is no doubt that the campaign against drinking alcohol and doing drugs is strong in the state of Utah. But people are people, and teens are teens, so there always will exist the need for alcohol classes and minor in possession (MIP) classes. Utah teenagers drink alcohol less often than their ... [More]

Parents and Siblings Can Take Alcohol Classes Too

For those of you who read my blog regularly you know that I do everything I can to dissuade parents from providing alcohol for their children and their children’s friends. Just how important is the role of parental example? As reported in www.steamboattoday.com. Parents play an important rol... [More]

Teacher Needs North Dakota Alcohol Awareness Class

It seems like I could blog about a different teacher providing alcohol to students every week. Remember when Mary Kay Latourneau was the anomaly? If you recall she had sex with her 13-year-old student. They fell in love, got married and are still living together now. She is now a 48-year-old grandmo... [More]

Wrestler Needs Nebraska Alcohol Awareness Class

Athletes and alcoholism do not mix.  If an athlete develops a serious drinking problem you can guaranty he will be drastically shortening his career.  In some cases he may end it prematurely. This most-definitely is true for high school athletes.  For one Nebraska grappler his chance... [More]

All Teens Should Take Online MIP Class

Leading Cause of Death for Many Motor vehicle crashes involving alcohol are the leading cause of death among ages 5 to 34 in America. Teens and preteens abuse alcohol in both use and frequency more than all other drugs combined. One study revealed 41 percent of teens say their parents allow them ... [More]

Teen Drinking A Major Problem During Holidays

The Holiday season is a time for joy. It also is a time for drinking. When it comes to teens drinking, there usually are a bunch of really poor decisions made. Once teens are out of school it’s time to party with guests like Jack Daniels or a new kind of “spice” girl. While alcoh... [More]