Colorado Rockies’ Owner Needs a DUI Class!

What is it with executives of major sports franchises in Denver drinking and driving? Could it be they are light-headed from living in the Mile-High City? Charlie Monfort, co-owner of the Rockies, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in Windsor, Colorado on November 4th. This co... [More]

UConn Player Needs a Good DUI Class

There is no denying that a driving under the influence violation is costly. Just how costly was it for one University of Connecticut basketball player? It may have cost more than $100.000. The UConn men's basketball program has suspended Tyler Olander indefinitely after his second brush with the la... [More]

NFL Star Heading to DWI Program

If I tried hard enough I blog about a celebrity in trouble with drugs or alcohol every single day. The fact is celebrities get in trouble a lot, and there are way too many people out there with cameras and video recorders to catch it on tape. Is there ever a silver lining when a celebrity gets a DU... [More]

Denver Broncos Organization May Need an Alcohol Class

With three driving under the influence violations in the last six months it is obvious there is something going on up in Dove Valley (the headquarters of the Denver Broncos). To be sure, the past few days have been tricky for the Broncos to navigate with both director of pro personnel Tom Heckert a... [More]

Denver Broncos Must Implement Online DUI Course

I have long espoused the need for mandatory alcohol and DUI educational programs for organizations where alcohol seems to be an issue. The Denver Broncos football team, a proud member of the National Football League, needs to implement mandatory online alcohol education and DUI courses for both play... [More]

NY Yankees Prospect Joining Teammate at DWI School

The New York Yankees must be feeling a little snake-bitten lately. Sports fans aware of the Yankees franchise, with its success and seemingly boundless checkbook, they scoff at the notion. But this is a clean organization (the only one in professional sports in the USA that requires athletes not to ... [More]

Predators QB Headed to Alcohol Class

Did the quarterback of the Orlando Predators just receive a wake-up call? You bet he did. Just how intense a wake-up call remains to be seen. Kyle Rowley, the predators starting quarterback, refused to submit to DUI tests after he was found "passed out" in a parked sport utility vehicle near the en... [More]

NBA Alcohol Abuse Again

It seems like you can’t swing a stick anymore without hitting a Hollywood celebrity or sports star who is getting busted for an alcohol offense. The most recent culprit – Dallas Mavericks guard DeShawn Stevenson. All of the Mavericks have had a great reason to celebrate as they just kno... [More]

Broadcasting the Wrong Message about Alcohol

It seems like every week some celebrity, professional athlete or noteworthy person is getting arrested for driving under the influence. These people make millions of dollars but prove they are human and make very stupid decisions by drinking and driving. Add Former Chicago Cubs all-star first basema... [More]