School Advocate Headed to Online DUI Class

Let’s face it – we all are worried about those who instruct and have influence over our children. We want our teachers, coaches and school administrators to be God-fearing solid citizens. Unfortunately, often times, that is not the case. A vocal proponent for change in an Oregon school ... [More]

Should All Public Officials Enroll in Online DUI Class?

I have asked this question before, but I feel it needs to be raised once again: should public officials be held to higher standards than ordinary citizens when it comes to driving under the influence? I ask this question because yet another official is losing his job over a driving under the influe... [More]

Denver Broncos Must Implement Online DUI Course

I have long espoused the need for mandatory alcohol and DUI educational programs for organizations where alcohol seems to be an issue. The Denver Broncos football team, a proud member of the National Football League, needs to implement mandatory online alcohol education and DUI courses for both play... [More]

Gainesville Mayoral Race Shows Need for DUI Classes

Not one but both candidates for the mayor position in Gainesville, Florida have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. Unfortunately for the incumbent, his DUI occurred two days after the initial election resulted in a runoff. Bad Timing! As reported in [More]

African Teachers Need Alcohol Class

Have you ever noticed that one of your teachers was drunk or had been drinking? Evidently, teacher addicted to the bottle are quite common in Africa. I know I had one teacher who was fired for being drunk at a school function, but I never knew or heard of a teacher drunk in class. Apparently, it is... [More]

Teacher Needs North Dakota Alcohol Awareness Class

It seems like I could blog about a different teacher providing alcohol to students every week. Remember when Mary Kay Latourneau was the anomaly? If you recall she had sex with her 13-year-old student. They fell in love, got married and are still living together now. She is now a 48-year-old grandmo... [More]

Cop Gives Wrong Kind of Alcohol Class

I am all for kids learning from experience. Kids are sponges and pick up on every nuance. Getting the idea that drinking alcohol is both stupid and dangerous is very important. As part of staying sober and healthy programs police officers around the country give talks at both middle and high school... [More]