Alcohol Classes Help Parents Stay Smart Too

Have you ever been to a party where alcohol was served to those under 21 by the parents of the hosting party? Have your kids ever been to one? My guess is yes to both. As a counselor for both in-class and online alcohol classes this topic comes up in virtually every class. It is outrageous how comm... [More]

Moms In Need of Alcohol Class

Is a driving under the influence violation (DUI) the same for everyone? As a counselor for both in-class and online DUI classes I often discuss this question with my students. A DUI definitely becomes worse if an accident occurs or injuries. If no accident or injury occurs, are all DUIs equally bad... [More]

Parents and Siblings Can Take Alcohol Classes Too

For those of you who read my blog regularly you know that I do everything I can to dissuade parents from providing alcohol for their children and their children’s friends. Just how important is the role of parental example? As reported in Parents play an important rol... [More]

Parents Need Massachusetts Alcohol Class

Why do parents think it is all right to furnish underage adolescents with alcohol? Not a week goes by where I don’t hear some story about parents providing alcohol to minors at parties. As a counselor for both in-class and online alcohol classes I often discuss this subject with my students. ... [More]

Alcohol Awareness Class Can Help With Parenting

Despite the fact that most parents of my generation smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol during pregnancies, most kids turned out ok. Nevertheless, it is surprising how many mothers continue to abuse their bodies while they are pregnant given all the medical knowledge available today. Real-Life Stor... [More]

Mom Hiding in Closet Needs Alcohol Awareness Class

Do you remember going to a friend’s house for a party in high school? Odds are, if you went to parties in secondary school, they were at someone’s house. The Judd Apatow movie “Super Bad” was essentially about just such a party. If you are a little bit older, you might rememb... [More]

Parents Could Use An Alcohol Awareness Class

I just heard a very disturbing story from one of my neighbors. They have, what most parents would believe, is the ideal 18-year-old son.  He gets good grades and got into a university where he will begin his freshman year next week. This kid (“Martin”) does not drink, smoke or do d... [More]