Will California MIP Class Help Teen with 7 Felony DUIs?

You want to talk about royally screwing up your life. How can a teenager possibly have 7 felony driving under the influence violations? It is true – a California teenager has been charged with 7 felony DUIs after a deadly crash in Nevada. Five people were killed in the crash, which occurred o... [More]

Youth Need MIP Classes to Keep Them From Experimentation

There is no doubt kids understand and believe that drugs and alcohol are dangerous and that you should say no to both. Somehow, from the time they are really young – under 11 or so, as they change, their willingness to experiment with alcohol and other drugs comes alive. The experimentation c... [More]

MIP Class Could Help Save Your GPA

How can a MIP class save your grade point average? Students may not realize it, but alcohol, that if excessively used, can have a negative impact on performance. Alcohol affects the body for more than the few moments of inebriation. Ask anyone trying to recover from a hangover. As reported in www.w... [More]

How Badly Do Scots Need Alcohol Classes?

Most Americans have heard the term “drinking like an Irishmen.” Of course, the Irish are renowned for their capacity to drink booze. Heck, in the town of Dingle there is one pub for every 100 residents! But its neighbor, Scotland, also has a reputation for heavy drinking. A recent repor... [More]

Butt-Chugger Needs an Tennessee Alcohol Class

Just how dumb can college students be? It would seem there are no bounds! Anyone who has ever been on a college campus or watched the movie “Animal House” knows that heavy alcohol consumption and binge drinking are a regular part of college life. But this University of Tennessee student... [More]