If You are Affluent do You Need an Alcohol Education Class?

Can simply being rich be an excuse for getting out of a drunken driving violation (DUI)? Apparently it can. In North Texas back in December, 2013 a juvenile court judge sentenced a 16-year-old from a well-off family to 10 years’ probation for killing four people in a drunken-driving crash. As... [More]

Could DUI Class Have Saved Marijuana Activist?

Driving under the influence is a violation that involves not only alcohol, but includes all drugs including marijuana and prescription medications. I say that because it is important to note that while the laws regarding marijuana possession and consumption have been relaxed, driving under the influ... [More]

Drunken Captain Heading to DUI Class

How many times have you been out enjoying a day on the water when the captain was tipping back a few cold ones? I can tell you on the lakes, rivers and oceans when I was a kid there were a lot of folks drinking and piloting a boat. Unfortunately, that still is the case today. This time, like many o... [More]

Could Alcohol Class Have Averted Tragedy?

If you do not believe drinking and driving ruin lives you are just flat-out wrong! It always increases the likelihood that a tragedy could occur. Here is a story that proves my point. As reported in www.postandcourier.com. A Textbook Case The case of Samuel McCauley also raised questions about th... [More]