Medical Marijuana a No Go

Advocates of medicinal marijuana suffered another setback in their attempts to have the drug classified as legal for medicinal use nationally as the US government came down emphatically saying that there is no valid medical purpose for marijuana! As with anything dealing with the government, this p... [More]

Relationship Between Drugs and Theft

Read and example about the relationship between drug use and theft in the Stop Theft Class Blog. The article is here: Drugs and Theft Affecting British Rail Industry Which one is the crime and which one is the mental issue that can be solved? You decide!

The DUI That Got Away

There was definitely a time in my life where I did not trust police officers.  The fact that my body and mind were under the influence of alcohol and other drugs most certainly was a contributing factor. It would come as no surprise that I had run ins with the police on many occasions, many inv... [More]

What You Should Learn in a Minor in Possession Class

When taking a minor in possession class, it's important that the class teach you a wide variety of topics. Some of the most important topics include: History of drug abuse. What started people on abusing drugs in the first place? What drugs did people use in the past and what are they using ... [More]