Rapper Kat Dahlia in Need of an Alcohol Education Program

In a world filled with statistics one that begs to be asked is “how often are celebrities arrested for driving under the influence (DUI)?” This stat would not even take into account those who do not get caught. In discussing this statistic we would have to define the term “celebri... [More]

NFL Star Heading to DWI Program

If I tried hard enough I blog about a celebrity in trouble with drugs or alcohol every single day. The fact is celebrities get in trouble a lot, and there are way too many people out there with cameras and video recorders to catch it on tape. Is there ever a silver lining when a celebrity gets a DU... [More]

Denver Broncos Organization May Need an Alcohol Class

With three driving under the influence violations in the last six months it is obvious there is something going on up in Dove Valley (the headquarters of the Denver Broncos). To be sure, the past few days have been tricky for the Broncos to navigate with both director of pro personnel Tom Heckert a... [More]

Predators QB Headed to Alcohol Class

Did the quarterback of the Orlando Predators just receive a wake-up call? You bet he did. Just how intense a wake-up call remains to be seen. Kyle Rowley, the predators starting quarterback, refused to submit to DUI tests after he was found "passed out" in a parked sport utility vehicle near the en... [More]

That’s So Raven Star Needs DUI Class

All of my loyal readers consistently comment on our celebrity blogs. The majority agree that while celebrities should not be role models, the fact remains they are. Celebrities are role models both for kids and adults. Often, their behavior leaves a lot to be desired. This is true in the case of one... [More]

Carmine Giovinazzo May Need an Alcohol Awareness Class

By now, all of my loyal readers know that I do not believe celebrities should be role models. Hollywood’s best, and not so best, and professional athletes are normal human beings who do bad and embarrassing things quite often. Following are a few examples. Who as ever even heard of this guy? ... [More]