Drunken Captain Heading to DUI Class

How many times have you been out enjoying a day on the water when the captain was tipping back a few cold ones? I can tell you on the lakes, rivers and oceans when I was a kid there were a lot of folks drinking and piloting a boat. Unfortunately, that still is the case today. This time, like many o... [More]

Could Illinois Drug or Alcohol Class Have Saved Boys Life?

Alcohol and boating are an even more lethal combination than booze and automobiles. Often the combination is tragic. David Hatyina had been drinking and was operating his powerboat. His boat sped straight toward Tony Borcia as the 10-year-old bobbed in the water in his life jacket. As reported in a... [More]

Alcohol Awareness Class for All Cruisers

Have you ever been on a cruise? I know this statistic is just a guess, but I would guess 90% of cruisers drink alcohol aboard ship. Of that 90% I would bet half drink to excess and half of those get absolutely hammered on a daily basis. If you ever have been on a cruise ship you know drinking alcoh... [More]

Boating Tragedy Due to Lack of Alcohol Awareness

With the hot weather and the summer season in high gear I can’t espouse enough the dangers of drinking while boating.  A perfect example is MaryJo Heitkamp.  This 26-year-old was killed in the prime of her life by a drunken boater. Her parents are devastated by the loss of their onl... [More]