Penn State Grappler Headed to DUI Program?

Athletes should know better than to abuse drugs and alcohol. As a counselor for DUI and alcohol classes, I warn my students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol all the time. Many of my students are athletes. This is yet another blog entry about a high-level athlete busted by using alcohol. Penn... [More]

UConn Player Needs a Good DUI Class

There is no denying that a driving under the influence violation is costly. Just how costly was it for one University of Connecticut basketball player? It may have cost more than $100.000. The UConn men's basketball program has suspended Tyler Olander indefinitely after his second brush with the la... [More]

NFL Star Heading to DWI Program

If I tried hard enough I blog about a celebrity in trouble with drugs or alcohol every single day. The fact is celebrities get in trouble a lot, and there are way too many people out there with cameras and video recorders to catch it on tape. Is there ever a silver lining when a celebrity gets a DU... [More]

Denver Broncos Organization May Need an Alcohol Class

With three driving under the influence violations in the last six months it is obvious there is something going on up in Dove Valley (the headquarters of the Denver Broncos). To be sure, the past few days have been tricky for the Broncos to navigate with both director of pro personnel Tom Heckert a... [More]

Yovani Gallardo Heading to Alcohol Education School

Professional baseball players make a lot of money. Pitching aces make a boat-load of duckets. Why then would they choose to drive after drinking rather than take a $50 cab ride? The may be the $1 million-dollar question. Following in the footsteps of former Atlanta Braves pitcher Derek Lowe, Milwau... [More]

Tight End Needs Washington DUI Education

Having a full-ride scholarship to a major university is a serious privilege. It is worth more than $100,000. Why would a student-athlete jeopardize this blessing by driving under the influence? I’ll tell you why – because they are a young man and young men are prone to some very stupid d... [More]

Arkansas Alcohol Class Maybe in Linebacker’s Future

It is very true that bad things happen to good people. You can be a good person and still drink and drive. You are just a good person who made a very bad decision. Hopefully, Arkansas linebacker Terrell Williams will learn from his mistake, take an Arkansas alcohol class and get his life and career ... [More]