Did People Learn About Alcohol During Prohibition Era?

This is the fifth in a series of blogs here at onlinealcoholclass.com looking at the interesting history of alcohol during the Prohibition Era (1919-1933). We have already discussed how common it was for Prohibition agents to confiscate booze and then sell it right back to the original owners. It a... [More]

Could Alcohol Course Have Saved the Volstead Act?

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Did Volstead Produce Need for Alcohol Education?

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Could Faulty Breathalyzer Keep You Out of Alcohol School?

Are you sick and tired of guilty offenders getting off on technicalities? I remember hearing about someone getting out of a speeding ticket because the radar gun had not been properly calibrated. Now comes the same possibility with Breathalyzer tests. An Oklahoma Supreme Court decision will likely ... [More]

Judge Needs Online DUI Class

It is not every day that a trial is delayed because a judge gets busted for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. But that is exactly the case for one judge. One would hope a judge would make smarter decisions. But we must remember – they are humans too. The sentencing of a convicted ... [More]

Computer Course on Alcohol Teaches You How to Avoid DUI

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