Penn State Grappler Headed to DUI Program?

Athletes should know better than to abuse drugs and alcohol. As a counselor for DUI and alcohol classes, I warn my students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol all the time. Many of my students are athletes. This is yet another blog entry about a high-level athlete busted by using alcohol. Penn... [More]

Len Bias’ Mother Knows Need for Alcohol Drug Classes

We all have heard the stories of those with uber-potential whose careers and lives are shortened by drug or alcohol use. There is no poster child more symbolic than Len Bias. Do you remember Len Bias? I sure do. He was one of the best basketball players in the country as a senior at the University ... [More]

Alcohol Drug Classes needed in Sierra Leone

Believe it or not there are severe drug problems on the continent of Africa. As a counselor for both in-class and online drug classes my students and I often discuss drug issues throughout the world. They are quite often surprised by the serious drug issues plaguing Africa. It is more than just lion... [More]

Drug and Alcohol Class Teach You Not to Mix Drugs and Booze

Mixing alcohol and medicines is something pharmacies across the country preach. A doctor will not prescribe medication without severe warnings not to mix it with alcohol. The same needs to be true about other recreational drugs. People taking medications should always read the product warning label... [More]

Baby Boomers Need a 12 Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness Class

You may have read this headline in any of the past three decades. Well, it holds true now more than ever. Baby Boomers are now aged 50-65. They used drugs as teenagers and have problem leaving their addiction behind. Believe me, the added medical costs from Baby Boomer drug use and abuse could crip... [More]

“Walking Dead” Star Needs 8 Hour Alcohol Class

Older is not always wiser. Despite having more than enough money to pay for a cab many people still continue to drink and drive. Such is the case for Walking Dead star Scott Wilson The 70-year-old star of the AMC series "Walking Dead," a post-apocalyptic show that pits the rest of the human survivo... [More]

Major League Baseball Players Need Alcohol Drug Classes

While some Major League Baseball players need to take drug classes for addictions to prescription medication, marijuana and more, I am speaking more about performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). Pitcher Bartolo Colon, the veteran 39-year-old pitcher with the Oakland A’s, is the latest player to b... [More]

Could Illinois Drug or Alcohol Class Have Saved Boys Life?

Alcohol and boating are an even more lethal combination than booze and automobiles. Often the combination is tragic. David Hatyina had been drinking and was operating his powerboat. His boat sped straight toward Tony Borcia as the 10-year-old bobbed in the water in his life jacket. As reported in a... [More]

Lawrence Taylor Needs Alcohol and Drug Classes

During his playing days Lawrence Taylor was as fearsome a linebacker that roamed the fields of the national Football League. Of the field, his life was a mess of alcohol and drug abuse. When asked what he could do that no other linebacker could his response was “drink.” Taylor drank him... [More]