Presidential Alcohol Awareness - Part 4

As the 20th Century began to unfold and the United States was flooded with new immigrants, the attitude of a strong majority of people was to sour on alcohol consumption.  This 4-part series on the history of “presidential drinking.”  If you care to go back part 1, part 2 or pa... [More]

Presidential Alcohol Awareness - Part 3

As the title suggests, this is the third part in a 4-part series on the history of “presidential drinking.”  Part one dealt with the drinking habits of the Founding Fathers while part two looked at presidents up through Civil War hero-President Ulysses S. Grant.  In this instal... [More]

Presidential Alcohol Awareness - Part 2

How much do our nation’s presidents drink?  That is a question often asked by the students in my alcohol awareness classes.  This is the second in a 4-part series of articles looking at the role played by alcohol in the lives of America’s Commanders in Chief.  In the first... [More]

Presidential Alcohol Awareness - Part 1

Hail to the Chief! Leadership, by definition, starts at the top.  If the person at the top is a poor leader, the rest will follow.  When looking at the leadership of the United States of America, the image of the president sits at the top.  I firmly believe the president as a leader ... [More]

Pimping for Beer

If you are a male and over the age of 14 and under the age of 30, there is a better than even chance that you have been involved in pimping alcohol. Pimping alcohol is having someone over 21 buy you alcohol, or ion the other side of the coin, you buy alcohol for anyone you know to be under 21. Whic... [More]

Bus Drivers Need Alcohol Awareness Too

DUI is a very serious offense.>One would like to think it doesn’t matter the circumstance – all DUI cases are the same. While I will agree there is no good excuse for a DUI, I will say there is variable severity of the DUI offense. Case in point – dateline Cache County Utah. Ye... [More]

Track Your Drinking This Alcohol Awareness Month

It's Alcohol Awareness Month (April 2011). This is the time really think about your alcohol consumption. How much are you drinking? Do you think you can cut down. One of the things that you're supposed to do during this month is to take a day off from drinking every week of the month. That means no... [More]

Be Aware that Beer is Alcohol Too

Frequently when I'm teaching an alcohol class, I get comments from students like, "I only drink beer. How can I been an alcoholic?" or "Beer isn't as bad as hard liquor. This blog post will hopefully remove these myths from your mind. You definitely can have a drinking problem or be an alcoholic if ... [More]