Drink Spikers Need Online Alcohol Class

Have you ever consumed a spiked beverage? Odds are that you have. It turns out that the spiking of drinks has gotten more dangerous. In college there were many times where we spiked drinks – usually with grain alcohol (190 proof). I witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of grain alcohol... [More]

Another Teacher In Dire Need of Online Alcohol Class

There are so many stories of teachers doing stupid things these days it makes me ashamed for the other 99.9% of good educators. In the past few weeks a number of stories have come out about teachers being fired for being drunk in class. What the heck are they thinking? A middle school teacher in Vi... [More]

Online Alcohol Class Could Prevent Birth Defects

The other day I blogged about how alcohol increases the likelihood of most forms of cancer. Now comes a report out of Australia that reinforces the notion of how bad alcohol and tobacco are during pregnancy. The Australian Institute of Family Studies declared that besides knowing the harmful effect... [More]

Sailor Needs Online Alcohol Class

Discipline is an integral part of military culture. Service members are expected to comport themselves in a professional manner and gross personal misconduct is not at all tolerated. #2 Going Down The second-in-command of Navy warship HMAS Warramunga has been relieved of duty and sent home, pendin... [More]

Drinkers of Infused Booze Need Online Alcohol Class

Have you ever consumed infused booze? Odds are if you drink alcoholic beverages and enjoy mixed drinks – you have. Soon California bars may be able to sell infused drinks with impunity. What will they infuse their drinks with - fruit, herbs and other flavors. State lawmakers approved a measu... [More]

Another Teacher in Dire Need of Online Alcohol Class

You can’t shake a stick lately without finding some teacher somewhere getting in trouble. I am not down on all teachers. Believe me, I respect the job they do and 99.9% are outstanding citizens. Man, but the other 0.1% - look out! A high school teacher was fired after an internal investigatio... [More]

Does Middle Class Need A Good Alcohol Awareness Class?

When you think of a “typical;” alcoholic what comes to mind? A hobo on the street drinking hard liquor of 40-ounce Olde English 800s? A rich guy drinking his stress away on $100 bottles of wine? A recent British think tank would like family physicians of middle class families thinks they... [More]

US Armed Forces Understand Need for Alcohol and Drug Classes

It has been proven that stress is a motivating factor in substance abuse. Combine high levels of stress with an addictive personality and chemical substances and you have a recipe for trouble! I can only imagine how stressful being a soldier in one of our armed forces must be. Facing the daily, min... [More]