NASCAR Driver Needs Alcohol Class

What could be more lethal than a race car driving hauling around the track at 200 miles per hour and drunk? While John Wes Townley was not racing at the time, his DUI incident certainly raises concern among NASCAR administrators. Townley, a driver on the NASCAR circuit, apologized for a highway acc... [More]

UGA Football Star Needs Georgia Alcohol Class

Alcohol and drugs are often present when police investigate scenes of domestic violence. Why do you think that is? There is one football star from the University of Georgia who wishes he had never used alcohol or drugs. At least now, Sanders Commings’ legal troubles are officially behind him.... [More]

Parents Need New Hampshire Alcohol Class

Does your mom or dad try to be your best friend?  Do you try and make your child your friend?  Neither one of those are necessarily wrong, unless it becomes a factor in allowing an underage person to drink alcohol. Stories seem to be coming out every day about parents providing alcohol to... [More]

Brits Need Alcohol Classes

As a counselor for alcohol awareness classes I often discuss the role of government regulation as it relates to drinking behavior. Whether you drink or not I am sure you have an opinion on this. In England, one of the government’s leading officials is discussing some of the problems they have ... [More]

Is Alcohol Class to Blame in Dog’s Death?

As a counselor for alcohol awareness classes I am a stickler for my students arriving on time. I have had a number of excuses, but this one takes the cake. A dog owner in southern Colorado, who was running late for "alcohol class," is accused of animal cruelty in the dragging death of his dog. This... [More]

Bar-Fight Could Have Been Avoided With Alcohol Class

You can pretty much bet when you see a bar-fight that all of the combatants will be intoxicated. I have been in many bar-fights. Some I started, most just found me. It’s funny how when you are drunk the fights seem to happen more often. Let’s face it most drunks in bars went in there wi... [More]

Indian High Schoolers Need Online Alcohol Class

If you think alcohol consumption and binge drinking among adolescents is unique to the United States of America, think again. It seems like there is a new story or survey from all parts of the globe related to teen alcohol consumption. Here’s what is happening in India. According to a recent ... [More]