Mel Gibson and Christina Aguilera May Need Alcohol Classes

There was a time when Mel Gibson was one of my favorite actors. The reality was that all I knew about him was what I had seen in movies and on television. He seemed like a nice, likable guy. Unfortunately for Gibson we live in a society that idolizes celebrity and the paparazzi follow them everywher... [More]

US Military Needs To Implement Mandatory Alcohol Classes

Drugs and alcohol do not have a place in war zones. Don’t you agree? As a kid I remember young guys in my neighborhood coming back from Vietnam talking about how stoned on marijuana they were all the time. They even referred to some guys who lost their lives because they were too messed up to... [More]

John Daly Has Probably Taken an Alcohol Class

One of my favorite golfers on the PGA Tour is John Daly.  This is man that has incredible God-given talent for striking a golf ball.  Few can blast it farther than Daly. He is also very human.  He reminds me of an “Average Joe” trying to fulfill his destiny.  Known a... [More]

Lions Need Drug and Alcohol Classes for Rookies

I have long espoused that the National Football League should mandate alcohol classes. Drug classes too should be standard operating procedure for all incoming rookies. The Detroit Lions are a team in need of alcohol classes. It has been only a year, but already four of the Lions' five 2011 draft p... [More]

Alcohol Class Could Help You Fight Cancer

Yes, that headline is true, especially for women. You see an alcohol class can really sink in the dangerous consequences of consuming alcohol. Alcohol is a poison and does the body no good whatsoever. For women, it can be lethal. Study according to shows that those who enjoy ... [More]