Reese Witherspoon Might Need Alcohol Class

Do you ever feel like celebrities think they are invincible? It seems like when they have a run-in with the law they feel their celebrity status merits special treatment. As a counselor for both online drug classes and online alcohol classes I see this attitude with non-celebrity offenders too. Ree... [More]

Do Berkeley Residents Need California Alcohol Classes?

There is no denying that Berkeley, California is one of the most liberally leaning cities in the United States, ranking right alongside Boulder, Colorado. The locations is also a tank for some of the nation’s greatest minds. Alcohol and other drugs have been a part of the Berkeley culture for ... [More]

Alcohol Class and DUIs Help Reform Party Girl

I firmly believe that it is possible to learn from your mistakes. Hopefully, you will learn before it costs you your life. Consider “Party Girl” lucky. Like many alcoholics, “Party Girl” did not realize she had a problem until very late in the game. Do you think getting a DU... [More]

Social Drink Your Way to an Alcohol Class

Take a moment to assess your own drinking behavior? How often do you drink socially? How much do you drink? This is the fourth in a series of blogs examining social drinking. Let’s begin by all asking ourselves if we have a drinking problem? For myself, I will answer in the affirmative. I am ... [More]

Arkansas Alcohol Class Maybe in Linebacker’s Future

It is very true that bad things happen to good people. You can be a good person and still drink and drive. You are just a good person who made a very bad decision. Hopefully, Arkansas linebacker Terrell Williams will learn from his mistake, take an Arkansas alcohol class and get his life and career ... [More]

Could Trick or Treater Have Been Saved by Alcohol Class?

As a counselor for both in-class and online alcohol classes at I know first-hand the value alcohol education classes have on preventing driving under the influence (DUI) violations. As a kid I knew my mother always worried I would get hit by a car while trick or treating on H... [More]