Soccer Star Needs Alcohol Awareness Class

Nobody is immune from the virulent talons of alcohol and drug addiction. The brightest minds and best athletes often fall victim to addiction. Such is the case with British soccer star Jeff Whitley. The former Manchester City and Northern Ireland midfielder, Whitley has spoken in depth about his ba... [More]

Would Alcohol Awareness Class Change Drinking Age?

Alcohol laws vary drastically from country-to-country.  They also vary from state-to-state right here in the United States. The other day, I was reading through the Office of Safety and Security's crime log when I came across a report that an underage student had used a fake ID, bought alcohol... [More]

Baseball Prospect Needs An Alcohol Awareness Class

There is no doubt there is tremendous stress for a young man trying to make it in professional baseball. There also is little doubt that being one of the best prospects in the game also adds a certain level of stress. Then again, a fry cook at McDonald’s also feels stress during the lunch shif... [More]

“Mower-Dad” Needs More than an Alcohol Awareness Class

You know this story is going to get a few mentions on the Fox TV News Program hosted by Nancy Grace. In Kentucky, last week a man was riding his mower with his 2-year-old daughter sitting in front of him. That alone would not get on Nancy Grace. Unfortunately for Jackson McReynolds, he now faces a m... [More]

Mom Hiding in Closet Needs Alcohol Awareness Class

Do you remember going to a friend’s house for a party in high school? Odds are, if you went to parties in secondary school, they were at someone’s house. The Judd Apatow movie “Super Bad” was essentially about just such a party. If you are a little bit older, you might rememb... [More]

Brits Need Alcohol Awareness Class

How much does alcoholism cost Great Britain every year? A lot, I assure you. A recent estimate puts it at about 55 million British Pounds per year. That’s almost $100 billion in US currency! It is estimated that eight million British adults drink more than what is considered safe by experts, ... [More]

Strippers Need Alcohol Awareness Class

Governments are doing anything they can to generate tax revenues. This is especially true as the United States Congress tries to keep from raising income taxes. Texas has it especially tough as there is no state personal income tax. Texas has found a creative way to generate new taxes – throu... [More]

Alcohol Awareness in Amy Winehouse Death

Amy Winehouse was uber-talented. How many times have we lost someone so talented due to drugs and alcohol? After her tragic death in July there was considerable speculation regarding the cause of Amy's death. But today it has been announced that the toxicology results have been returned to the Wine... [More]