Wrestler Needs Nebraska Alcohol Awareness Class

Athletes and alcoholism do not mix.  If an athlete develops a serious drinking problem you can guaranty he will be drastically shortening his career.  In some cases he may end it prematurely. This most-definitely is true for high school athletes.  For one Nebraska grappler his chance... [More]

Brits Need Alcohol Classes

As a counselor for alcohol awareness classes I often discuss the role of government regulation as it relates to drinking behavior. Whether you drink or not I am sure you have an opinion on this. In England, one of the government’s leading officials is discussing some of the problems they have ... [More]

Scottish Women Get Alcohol Education

With the Super Bowl passed it is a reminder of the power of advertising. This year sponsor’s paid $3.5 million USD per minute to air their message. Scotland is using a similar marketing blitz to curb the drinking of its women. Drop a Glass Size Ministers have launched a new blitz on middle-c... [More]

Mom Need Montana Alcohol Awareness Class

Is it just me or are parenting skills lacking nowadays? My mother may have drank alcohol, even gotten tipsy more than once, but she never got behind the wheel of the car totally loaded. A totally bolloxed woman who rammed her car into a house now faces charges of endangering the two passengers in h... [More]

Is Alcohol Class to Blame in Dog’s Death?

As a counselor for alcohol awareness classes I am a stickler for my students arriving on time. I have had a number of excuses, but this one takes the cake. A dog owner in southern Colorado, who was running late for "alcohol class," is accused of animal cruelty in the dragging death of his dog. This... [More]

Does Pat Sajak Need An Alcohol Awareness or DUI Class?

Being intoxicated behind the wheel can mean more than just drinking and driving. For longtime television game show host Pat Sajak that is the case. Sajak admitted that he and Vanna White would go and pound margaritas and other alcoholic beverages in between tapings of their show. Pat Sajak may have... [More]

Bar-Fight Could Have Been Avoided With Alcohol Class

You can pretty much bet when you see a bar-fight that all of the combatants will be intoxicated. I have been in many bar-fights. Some I started, most just found me. It’s funny how when you are drunk the fights seem to happen more often. Let’s face it most drunks in bars went in there wi... [More]

Alcohol Class Could Keep You From Getting Cancer

We all know that drinking alcohol is not good for you. We all know that it leads not only to addiction and reckless, erratic behavior, but increases the likelihood of just about every other major illness. From heart disease and gout to every form of cancer, even moderate consumption of alcohol raise... [More]

Online Alcohol Class Could Save Hospital Visit

Is society in general getting control of alcoholism? Recent studies would show that alcohol consumption and addiction are at all-time highs and things are getting worse. Alcohol-related hospital admissions for Greater Manchester have risen by 11% on last year and over 130% in eight years. Michael ... [More]

Ivy League Student Needs Alcohol Drug Class

He made need an alcohol drug class, but that will only be part of the solution to the serious problem facing him. A student charged with selling marijuana as part of a prolific drug-dealing ring at Columbia University in New York will get a chance to wipe his record clean by spending at le... [More]