Carmine Giovinazzo May Need an Alcohol Awareness Class

By now, all of my loyal readers know that I do not believe celebrities should be role models. Hollywood’s best, and not so best, and professional athletes are normal human beings who do bad and embarrassing things quite often. Following are a few examples. Who as ever even heard of this guy? ... [More]

Youth Director Heading to Arizona Alcohol Awareness Class

Should youth directors be held to higher standards? Are they not human too? After reading the following blog judge for yourself. There are few places good, solid youth directors are more needed to help children than American Indian reservations. Good, solid role models help provide children and tee... [More]

British Tarts Need Alcohol Awareness Classes

Have you read about the crazy habit young British professional women seem to have right now? It appears they go out in groups getting drunk every week. It has become a social ill in The United Kingdom that is drawing attention from all parts of society. It is not uncommon to watch a number of women... [More]

Drug and Alcohol Class Teach You Not to Mix Drugs and Booze

Mixing alcohol and medicines is something pharmacies across the country preach. A doctor will not prescribe medication without severe warnings not to mix it with alcohol. The same needs to be true about other recreational drugs. People taking medications should always read the product warning label... [More]