Middle Class Needs an Alcohol Class

There is no doubt the middle class in America is suffering. It is suffering from low pay, unemployment, high costs and a variety of other fiscal and social maladies. One such area is alcoholism. Latest figures show the number of alcohol-related hospital admissions of so-called white collar workers ... [More]

Saddle Up for Online Alcohol Awareness Class!

How often do you read about an alcohol-related incident involving a horse? Despite the century, it seems to be happening more often all the time. When is the last time you rode a horse while intoxicated? I recently blogged about a man in Denver who was recently arrested for riding a horse while und... [More]

Proof That Online Alcohol Classes Work!

As a counselor for both in-class and online alcohol and drug education classes I know how valuable these courses are. Now I have further proof to back me up. In many of my alcohol classes I discuss the value with the students. I will admit that most are there as a “punishment” to try an... [More]