Dennis Rodman Needs 30 Hour Alcohol Class

I am sure that headline is no shocker. This is especially true for fans of the reality television show “Celebrity Rehab” starring Dr. Drew Pinsky. Rodman spent one eventful season on the show and mouthed off at length how he was no going to get sober. I am sure his costar Heidi Fleiss, ... [More]

Amsterdam Government Administrator’s Need Alcohol Class

What the heck are they thinking? Why would employers pay their employees with alcohol – especially if they suffer from chronic alcoholism. Could this only happen in the European city of Amsterdam? As an alcohol awareness class counselor, I scour the news for stories about how alcoholism is tr... [More]

Are all Young Brits Addicted to Alcohol?

Why do young British women who hold good, upstanding jobs, get dressed up all trampy and get totally bolloxed on weekend? This is the third in a series of blog entries looking at the drinking habits of today’s young, British professional women. Some of these young women think they are having ... [More]

Father-Son Team Need Alcohol Drug Class

The saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” most certainly is true in the following story of a pair of individuals involved in illegally distributing prescription medication. A father and son who operated a medical practice in Franconia Township, Pennsylvania filled so m... [More]

Pizza Keeps Alcohol Awareness Classes Going

Addiction is a difficult thing to kick. The human brain and the ego are so powerful that changing addictive behavior can seem hopelessly impossible for many addicts. The key is to never give up. That is exactly was Earl Miller did for drug addict Dan Hollifield. Individuals, when trying to kick an ... [More]

Glee Star Jane Lynch Needed Drug Awareness Class

As the office manager in the Judd Apatow classic “The 40-year-old Virgin” Jane Lynch was awesome. While she has been around Hollywood for decades, the 51-year-old actress finally has found stardom on the hit television show “Glee.” It was 20 years ago when Lynch, fearing she... [More]