Will California MIP Class Help Teen with 7 Felony DUIs?

You want to talk about royally screwing up your life. How can a teenager possibly have 7 felony driving under the influence violations? It is true – a California teenager has been charged with 7 felony DUIs after a deadly crash in Nevada. Five people were killed in the crash, which occurred o... [More]

MIP Class Could Help Save Your GPA

How can a MIP class save your grade point average? Students may not realize it, but alcohol, that if excessively used, can have a negative impact on performance. Alcohol affects the body for more than the few moments of inebriation. Ask anyone trying to recover from a hangover. As reported in www.w... [More]

Underage Alcohol Classes Help With Binge Drinking

This is the 8th in a series of blog entries addressing binge drinking among college students. We have reached the phase of the discussion where we look at motivators. More directly – why – despite all the information about the negative consequences associated with alcohol use – do ... [More]

Just How Badly Do Our Teens Need MIP Classes?

If you have a teenager or even a pre-teen you know how prevalent alcohol and drugs are in our school system. You must be afraid of all of the negative influences and poor decisions that abound our children. Have you ever asked your teen how he perceives the pressures they encounter day to day? As r... [More]