DWI Course: A Good Way To Keep Drunken Drivers Off the Road

Virginia's DUI ignition interlock law is now a little over a year old and AAA says it's working to keep drunk drivers off the roads. Roughly 8,500 people now have a device installed in their vehicle. As reported in www.wric.com. That's compared to less than 5,000 who did before the law went into e... [More]

History of the DUI

As a counselor both classroom and online alcohol awareness classes one subject that invariably comes up is the history of the infraction of driving under the influence, known better as DUI. This is one issue where almost all of the statistics raised are fairly current. This article will address the ... [More]

Students Against Destructive Driving

This is a dangerous time of year for high school students – especially those who drink alcohol.  Underage drinking is at record levels right now with no signs of slowing down. Most of you have heard of the group MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), but have you heard of SADD? Guess What... [More]