Do British Women Need an Alcohol Class?

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, an article in the Daily Mail caught my attention. I have to admit that it was not just the subject matter – young, British, professional women tarting it up and getting roaringly drunk quite often – but the photos accompanying the article. Eithe... [More]

Europeans Need Alcohol Classes Too

Europeans scoff at Americans for their huge portions. Yes, they do scoff and you know it! The French are especially snooty with respect to America’s issue with obesity. It turns out the Europeans are joining Americans in adding pounds for the winter. Oh yeah, they also drink a lot! Quick &nda... [More]

Does Saipan Example save Youth from MIP Classes?

I have long espoused that American parents are becoming far too lax when it comes to providing alcohol for their children. I am not sure when it became fashion to drink alcohol at home with your children. While I cannot say for certain that this will cause the children to become alcoholics, I am cer... [More]

WHO Knows Need For Alcohol Awareness Classes

The World Health Organization (WHO) works toward helping prevent and cure all forms of disease on the planet. In its most recent report released in 2011, the world’s leading body has announced it is tacking the global problem of alcohol and the problems its consumption causes the Earth and its... [More]

West Africans Need Drug Classes

Is West Africa to blame for the world’s drug problems? Certainly not entirely, however, it certainly is exacerbating the world’s growing addiction to drugs! Last month the United Nations sponsored an International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking aimed at raising awareness... [More]

African Teachers Need Alcohol Class

Have you ever noticed that one of your teachers was drunk or had been drinking? Evidently, teacher addicted to the bottle are quite common in Africa. I know I had one teacher who was fired for being drunk at a school function, but I never knew or heard of a teacher drunk in class. Apparently, it is... [More]

London Youth Need Alcohol Classes

When the Brits talk about binge drinking being a huge national problem, they are not alone. Binge drinking among adolescents is it an all-time high. Throw in the abuse of other drugs such as marijuana, prescription medication and harder drugs and it seems like our youth and our future is going up in... [More]