Has John Goodman Even Taken an Alcohol Awareness Class?

How long ago was it that playboy John Goodman was arrested driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol and manslaughter? Pencil in late February or early March for the start of Wellington polo executive John Goodman's DUI manslaughter retrial, over objections by prosecutors eager to begin much ear... [More]

DWI Class on Tap for Arrogant Offender

Have you ever heard the phrase, “attitude is everything?” What do you think? Make a good impression and people tend to like you. Be an arrogant jerk and people will respond in kind. As the director for an online drug and alcohol program I am very aware of stories involving DUI and other... [More]

Does Tony Denunzio Need a Comprehensive DUI Class?

Even if you beat the rap that does not mean you are completely innocent. It just means you are not guilty. Sometimes a good attorney can make a black and white case go gray. This is a case of DUI where the attorney became the issue. The DUI case against Tony Denunzio — who made headlines in O... [More]

Three DUIs in 45 Hours? Get to a Utah DUI Class ASAP

In all of my years as a counselor for both in-class and online alcohol classes I never have heard of someone receiving three driving under the influence (DUI) violations in less than 48 hours. I have heard of people with two, and some really serious boozers with 10 or more DUIs, but this guy take th... [More]

Tight End Needs Washington DUI Education

Having a full-ride scholarship to a major university is a serious privilege. It is worth more than $100,000. Why would a student-athlete jeopardize this blessing by driving under the influence? I’ll tell you why – because they are a young man and young men are prone to some very stupid d... [More]

Crocs Founder Needs an Alcohol Class

Is he a drunkard? Is he eccentric? Once again a rich and somewhat famous person makes headlines for bad behavior. What’s your call? This guy is a total piece of work. His name is George Boedecker Jr and he is one of the founders of the shoe company Crocs, Inc. As reported in www.dailycamera.c... [More]

Should All Extreme DUIs Go to DUI School?

Do you think there should be stronger penalties for those convicted of extreme DUI? For our purposes, extreme DUI will be defined as having a blood-alcohol concentration of .16 or higher, or receiving three or more DUI violations over a lifetime. Rhode Island State Police caught a Massachusetts man... [More]