Colorado Rockies’ Owner Needs a DUI Class!

What is it with executives of major sports franchises in Denver drinking and driving? Could it be they are light-headed from living in the Mile-High City? Charlie Monfort, co-owner of the Rockies, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in Windsor, Colorado on November 4th. This co... [More]

Montana Online DUI Classes Help Serial Offenders

How many driving under the influence violations does someone have to get before they decide on their own never to get behind the wheel of a car? The answer is probably as many as it takes. Do we have to chop off their arms to keep them from driving? Would even that keep them from getting behind the ... [More]

Three DUIs in 45 Hours? Get to a Utah DUI Class ASAP

In all of my years as a counselor for both in-class and online alcohol classes I never have heard of someone receiving three driving under the influence (DUI) violations in less than 48 hours. I have heard of people with two, and some really serious boozers with 10 or more DUIs, but this guy take th... [More]

Tight End Needs Washington DUI Education

Having a full-ride scholarship to a major university is a serious privilege. It is worth more than $100,000. Why would a student-athlete jeopardize this blessing by driving under the influence? I’ll tell you why – because they are a young man and young men are prone to some very stupid d... [More]

School Bus Driver Needs Tennessee DUI Class

As a parent I can tell you that one of your greatest fears always is the safety of your children. You would like to think they are safe aboard a large school bus. Thinking that the driver of the bus may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol is terrifying. Parents in Cocke County, Tennessee hav... [More]

Cop Gets DUI - Needs an Educational Alcohol and Drug Class

Driving under the influence of alcohol is just plain stupid. The alcohol makes you do really stupid things. This police officer from Philadelphia is a perfect example. A Philadelphia police officer drove drunk, crashed into two cars, and then threatened the occupants of the other cars. As reported ... [More]

Online DWI Class needed for Man Who Crashed Into Strip Club

Some ramming occurred at a Los Angeles, California strip club. No, it did not occur in secret in some back room. Instead it happened right out in public, in the parking lot. Terrence Conrad Meeks was charged with drunken driving after he smashed his BMW into two men standing outside a strip club, l... [More]

Does Goth Singer Peter Murphy Need a DUI Class?

I have written many times that you can receive a driving under the influence violation even if you blow under the legal limit of .08%. That is exactly what happened to Peter Murphy. Murphy, the lead singer of Goth trailblazers Bauhaus, was arrested in March for his involvement in a hit-and-run acci... [More]