A 12 Hour Alcohol Awarenss Class Could Save Your Marriage

Is it possible that a 12 hour alcohol awareness class could save your marriage? You bet it is! The issue comes when one spouse enjoys imbibing in fermented beverages and the other abstains from booze or drinks very little. As reported in www.latimes.com. Is it surprising that when it comes to drin... [More]

12 Hour Alcohol Classes Needed for British Women

This is the 7th in a series of problems examining the current drinking habits and social life of young, British professional women. An article in the Dailymail intrigued me. I cannot seem to understand the rationale of the aberrant behavior of so many seemingly intelligent women. As a counselor for... [More]

Baby Boomers Need a 12 Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness Class

You may have read this headline in any of the past three decades. Well, it holds true now more than ever. Baby Boomers are now aged 50-65. They used drugs as teenagers and have problem leaving their addiction behind. Believe me, the added medical costs from Baby Boomer drug use and abuse could crip... [More]

Online Alcohol Class Changed One Life

As a counselor for both in-class and online alcohol classes counseling young addicts is my life. While the majority of success stories come from my in-person relationships with patients and students, I often am endeared by those whose lives have been changed by my online alcohol class. One of my fo... [More]

Pastor Needs Florida Alcohol Class

It always saddens me when one of God’s messengers falls victim to the sin of addiction. Of course, we all are human and infallible. We all need to ask for Our Savior’s forgiveness for something. As a counselor for 8 and 12 hour alcohol classes I am acutely aware of stories involving rel... [More]