Another Teacher In Dire Need of Online Alcohol Class

There are so many stories of teachers doing stupid things these days it makes me ashamed for the other 99.9% of good educators. In the past few weeks a number of stories have come out about teachers being fired for being drunk in class. What the heck are they thinking? A middle school teacher in Vi... [More]

Another Teacher in Dire Need of Online Alcohol Class

You can’t shake a stick lately without finding some teacher somewhere getting in trouble. I am not down on all teachers. Believe me, I respect the job they do and 99.9% are outstanding citizens. Man, but the other 0.1% - look out! A high school teacher was fired after an internal investigatio... [More]

Teacher Needs to Take Alcohol Awareness Class

We trust our teachers to supply our children’s minds with knowledge. We do not expect that knowledge to be about alcoholic beverages, especially when they are actually supplying them with illegal booze! Here’s a story of an Oklahoma teacher gone bad. The 37-year-old teacher, Jennifer Ko... [More]

Alcohol Awareness Common Sense, Please?

What is happening in the world? Earlier this week a 57-year-old bus driver was arrested for DUI and having a loaded handgun next to the driver’s seat, and on April 8th a 57- year-old teacher was arrested for being drunk in class. Anne Keller was substituting at Westlake High in Westlake, Ohio... [More]

Teachers need Alcohol Awareness Too

I don’t know if you saw the story from the United Kingdom recently about the teacher who was busted for drinking while in the classroom.  The 50-year-old Penelope Haddon claimed she had no awareness that there was an issue with her drinking. Would you have an issue with her teaching you?... [More]