Firefighter Heading to Ohio DUI Class

Drinking on the job is never a good thing. Drinking on the job when you have to drive on the job is even worse. Drinking and driving a fire truck on the job may be the worst (except maybe an ambulance). A volunteer firefighter in Toledo, Ohio was arrested for driving under the influence of alcoho... [More]

DUI Stupidity

There is no denying alcohol makes people do stupid things. Here are three stories that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. In New Port Richey, Florida, a man was so bombed he did not realize he was sriving on three tires. A deputy noticed sparks and smoke coming from a Lexus so he pulled... [More]

Indiana Man Get's Incredible Number of DUIs

An Indiana man has more driving under the influence violations that anyone I have ever heard of. Care to guess how many he has received? I wrote about an Ohio woman last year who had just received her seventh. This guy, according to blows her away! William Dietrich admitted to a... [More]