Should Your Doctor Recommend a Massachusetts Alcohol Class?

Are you honest about your drinking habits with your physician? Let’s face it, the majority of us try to hide our bad habits not only from those we love, but also from those we entrust with taking care of our health. As a recovering alcoholic I lied to my doctors constantly about my alcohol us... [More]

Parents Need Massachusetts Alcohol Class

Why do parents think it is all right to furnish underage adolescents with alcohol? Not a week goes by where I don’t hear some story about parents providing alcohol to minors at parties. As a counselor for both in-class and online alcohol classes I often discuss this subject with my students. ... [More]

Do Cows Need a Massachusetts Alcohol Class?

I thought I had heard just about every drinking story around. As a counselor for both in-class and online alcohol classes I am hyper-aware of any story involving alcohol. This morning I saw something that made me laugh out loud. It involved a college graduation party that was crashed by a group of c... [More]

Doctor Should Have Taken Alcohol Class

Doctors should know better. This Massachusetts doctor never should have provided alcohol to minors. For some it is merely illegal. For other, providing booze to minors can cost you your career. A prominent Latham physician provided alcohol to minors at a party at his home over the summer. Colonie ... [More]

Cities in U.S. Most in Need of an Alcohol Awareness Class

The Daily Beast has released their annual America's Drunkest Cities report. They compiled data from a market research firm which documented the number of alcoholic drinks per month per resident in each city. They list 25, but here are the top 10: 10. Tuscon, AZ 9. San Diego, CA 8. St. Louis, MO ... [More]

Harvard Students Need More Alcohol Awareness Classes

What comes to mind when you picture Harvard University? Probably not a bunch of drunken frat boys doing 2-story beer bongs, right?  Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts, like all other schools in the country have a problem with underage drinking. The school, a leader in many fields, is taking a... [More]

Boston College Knows About Online Alcohol Classes

A certain fact is that college students will drink alcohol. Will anyone disagree with that? The key is keeping the brightest of our nation’s future safe. It is always nice when we see that colleges, hospitals, and other institutions seek to educate their personnel. This has a double-edged posi... [More]