Does Lindsay Lohan Need More Alcohol Awareness Courses?

Is it possible that Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan is again battling addiction issues after another relapse? I would have hoped that after her previous trials and tribulations Lohan would have stayed away from all drugs. As with many addicts, Lohan has turned her addictive behavior in another dire... [More]

Lindsay Lohan Settles With 3 Men She Abducted in DUI

With all the stuff that actually happens to Lindsay Lohan I almost forgot about her second driving under the influence violation (DUI). Do you remember that one? If not, the case has finally settled and he is a recap. The three men claim an intoxicated Lindsay hijacked a car in which they were pas... [More]

Will Lindsay Lohan Ever Recover From Alcohol Addiction?

Addictions are difficult to break. Our brains are extremely powerful and once our mind s and bodies are addicted to something like drugs or alcohol, stopping is a hard to do. Even the most expensive rehabilitation centers have trouble getting addicts to quit. As a counselor for alcohol awareness cl... [More]

Celebrity DUI – Part 2

As defined by Merriam-Webster, celebrity is “a famous or celebrated person (”. Synonyms include, “big name, cause celebre, celeb, figure, icon, light, luminary, megastar,  somebody, standout, star, superstar, and VIP (Ibid)”. Two words you do not... [More]