Florida DUI Comes Back to Haunt Man After 25 Years

Is there a statute of limitations on a driving under the influence violation? I guess not. A Florida man is on trial for a DUI arrest back in 1987. He did not show up and a warrant for his arrest was issued. When 46-year-old John Ludan, an American citizen living in Sweden, learned that he has an a... [More]

Mom Should Have Taken Florida Alcohol Class

I have often heard that there is no greater sorrow than a parent mourning the death of their child. I can only hope and pray it never happens again – yet it happens every day. How could you live with yourself if you knew that you were the cause of your child’s death? Melissa Shonvette J... [More]

Pastor Needs Florida Alcohol Class

It always saddens me when one of God’s messengers falls victim to the sin of addiction. Of course, we all are human and infallible. We all need to ask for Our Savior’s forgiveness for something. As a counselor for 8 and 12 hour alcohol classes I am acutely aware of stories involving rel... [More]

Pro Wrestler Needs Florida Alcohol Class

Anyone who saw the heart-wrenching movie “The Wrestler” knows how difficult professional wrestling can be. The crazy hours and travel combined with the grueling physical punishment day in and day out are motivating factors toward many wrestlers’ addiction issues. Now comes the sad... [More]

Former NBA Star Needs Alcohol Class

I recently blogged about professional athletes whose careers are winding down turning to alcohol and other drugs. This may be the case with former NBA star Loren Woods. Woods made the stupid mistake of drinking and driving. He exacerbated the problem by trying to bribe the arresting officer. The i... [More]

Police Officers need Florida Alcohol Classes Too

Is the chief of police supposed to lead by example? I certainly think so. Lately I have been reading about a rash of incidents involving police chiefs drinking and driving. If driving under the influence violations were taken seriously by all professions I would bet fewer people would drink and dri... [More]

John Goodman Needs an Alcohol Class and More

Does the name John Goodman sound familiar to you? Who comes to mind? The person I am speaking about is relatively famous. Of course we are talking about the mogul John Goodman. He is the polo mogul accused of manslaughter DUI in Florida according to the Orlando Sentinel. His attorney, Roy Black rep... [More]

Alcohol Class May Have Saved Teacher’s Career

Alcohol is destroying Joseph Mattingly’s life and certainly cost him his job. A severe alcoholic, Mattingly could not stop drinking no matter the time or day. This would cause almost anyone’s life to fall into ruin. Some jobs you might be able to hide it. A middle school teacher certain... [More]

"American Pie" Celebrities Need Alcohol Awareness Classes

I have said it time and again that celebrities should not be role models. The frequency with which they are arrested for driving under the influence are a good reason why people should not seek to emulate them completely. Like many, I am a huge fan of the 1999 hit comedy “American Pie”.... [More]