Another Child Star Amanda Bynes Needs Alcohol Class

The stories of young, Hollywood stars partying abound. It seems almost rare for a young celebrity not to be busted for drugs or alcohol. Tim Tebow aside, name one Hollywood celebrity or professional athlete who has not been busted for drugs or alcohol! Of course the majority of the above-referenced... [More]

DUIs are Dumb, Dumb, Dumb

We all know someone who has driven under the influence. We all know someone who has gotten got for a DUI. We all know someone who has done something really stupid and were totally blitzed when it happened. A woman in Louisville, Kentucky was arrested on a DUI charge after she rear-ended another veh... [More]

She Should Have Gone to A California Alcohol Awareness Class

Drinking alcohol is not healthy for your body. Drinking alcohol and driving is dangerous, and potentially lethal, for you and everyone else on the road. Drinking and driving with your child in the car goes against everything parenting stands for! A woman was arrested in Santa Rosa, California when ... [More]

Cities in U.S. Most in Need of an Alcohol Awareness Class

The Daily Beast has released their annual America's Drunkest Cities report. They compiled data from a market research firm which documented the number of alcoholic drinks per month per resident in each city. They list 25, but here are the top 10: 10. Tuscon, AZ 9. San Diego, CA 8. St. Louis, MO ... [More]

Miley Cyrus Costar Needs Online Alcohol Class

I have said time and again that celebrities should in no way, shape or form be role models. All too often our fascination with our celebrities encourages us to idolize them. There is no doubt that Miley Cyrus and her character “Hannah Montana” played a strong role in many young people&rs... [More]

Drinkers of Infused Booze Need Online Alcohol Class

Have you ever consumed infused booze? Odds are if you drink alcoholic beverages and enjoy mixed drinks – you have. Soon California bars may be able to sell infused drinks with impunity. What will they infuse their drinks with - fruit, herbs and other flavors. State lawmakers approved a measu... [More]