Michigan MIP Class Can Help Kids Off Drugs

We are so happy to announce our minor in possession (MIP) class here at onlinedrugclass.com. There are two primary ways we can help keep our beautiful youth stay away from drugs - strong parental influence and drug education classes.

Let's start with the most important thing - parental guidance. Keeping your children off of drugs begins at home. Role modeling good behavior in our internet culture is not enough. The internet portal is very powerful and other factors such as good communication, clear expectations, and being involved with your teenagers and their friends are very helpful. Parents need to teach their teenagers how to "feel good" without using alcohol. They need to discuss how to say "no" to friends and how to avoid situations where they feel pressure. Teenagers live in a different world and it's important for parents to be tuned into that world. Know who your children hang out with. Get savvy with the internet so you know what they are being influenced by online. Have regular discussions about using drugs including prescription drugs which are very problematic these days. Discuss their need to be stimulated and teach them how to be "quiet" without all the input.

If you take or use drugs, it will be a double standard and in their eyes, a free pass. Teenagers have a watchful eye but tend to take extra risks.

The second form of drug prevention occurs outside the home - in drug awareness and MIP classes. These classes reinforce the message from the home with solid information as to the dangers of drug use and abuse. The goal is to discourage our children from experimenting with drugs in the first place. The classes are a good way to open the communication between you and your teenager. Be proactive while they are still open to your influence or they will take a class simply to appease you.

If you or someone you care about has a problem with drugs, seek help. If you prefer to maintain anonymity take an online MIP class. Just follow the link below or contact us with any questions.


Alcohol Classes Help Protect Families and Children

This is a series of blogs addressing the dangers of alcohol use and abuse. There is no doubt that alcohol use, even if you are not a serious alcoholic, effects your body adversely. Alcohol increases your chances of contracting more than 200 diseases.

Here is a fact about alcohol - about 5% of all cancer is due to alcohol consumption. As reported in www.news.com.au.

Let’s make no bones about it: alcohol is a class one carcinogen, as listed by the World Health Organization.

Effect on Families

But the affect alcohol can have on an individual’s health is only part of the story. In 2012, the Salvation Army commissioned research as part of Alcohol Awareness week into the effect alcohol abuse has on families. Among many worrisome findings, they revealed that 4.2 million Australians know families where they think children are not being properly cared for because of someone’s alcohol use. The situation is worse in other countries, especially Eastern Europe.

Add this to the fact that almost half of all domestic homicides are alcohol related, and that the proportion of people experiencing physical abuse by someone under the influence of alcohol increased from 1.5 million in 2010 to 1.7 million in 2013, and you’ve got yourself a worrying epidemic. And this is Australia, the land where there are "no worries, mate."

The next entry in this series will take a personal look at people's lives who were negatively impacted by alcohol.

Onlinedrugclass.com Announces Michigan MIP Class

As a recovering addict and a man dedicated to preventing others from becoming addicted to drugs, I am pleased to announce that onlinedrugclass.com is officially launching its new Michigan minor in possession (MIP) class.

Drugs ruin lives. As the educational director for drug classes, I see many examples of our nation's youth missing amazing opportunities and changing the course of their lives as a result of problems with drugs and alcohol. Our children are used to being overstimulated so using drugs and alcohol is a boost when they feel bored.

Drug use starts out innocently enough. They are with their friends, so it must be safe. Teenagers are naturally programmed to take risks and peer acceptance is extremely important. Many of the drugs are highly addictive but seem mild making it easy for them to keep using.

it is deeply painful and devastating to watch a young spirit with so much potential throwing it all away because they are in a bind with drugs.

What can we do to keep our children from becoming addicted to drugs? The obvious answer is to help them understand that trying drugs (innocently) IS a lot riskier than it seems. Nobody experiments with a drug thinking they will get addicted.

There are two main avenues we use to help get the message across - drug education classes and parental guidance. Both of these elements are absolutely crucial if we are to succeed. Both issues will be discussed in subsequent blog entries.

I also would appreciate any comments or experiences you have. I have attached a link to the new MIP class at onlinedrugclass.com. Please contact us with any questions or comments.


Alcohol Awareness Education Can Save Lives

This is a series of blogs addressing the of dangers alcohol. In an effort to articulate the risks accurately, we will look at real-life scenarios.

The terrifying fact is that if you use alcohol regularly you are increasing the likelihood of dying from an alcohol-related problem. Almost 7,000 people per day die when alcohol is a factor. As reported in www.voanews.com.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published more reports and statistics than you can imagine, to help illustrate the risks connected with alcohol, yet, more and more people are dying each year from alcohol-related causes.

In 2005, WHO statistics showed that alcohol consumption for people aged 15 years or older, was 6.13 liters of pure alcohol. They also reported that, most people do not drink. In fact, almost half of all men and two-thirds of women in 2005 did not consume alcohol.

Do you find this figure surprising? Does it relate to your experience? In my experience, most people drink, at least socially, many more are covert drinkers, and others are alcoholics.

Alcohol dependency will shorten your life. One expert estimates that people who are dependent on alcohol live about 10 years less than those who do not abuse alcohol.

A large portion of alcohol related deaths and disabilities are in the young and middle ages rather than older folks. The majority of deaths occur below the age of 60. This implies that many of the 2.5 million deaths could be considered premature.

We will continue to look at the dangers of alcohol in the next blog here at onlinealcoholclass.com.

Onlinealcoholclass.com Announces Michigan MIP Class

There is no doubt that the future of this country lies with our youth. Therefore, it is my firm belief we need to thoroughly educate adolescents and pre-teens about the dangers associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs.

Like most people, I am sure you believe we are doing everything within our power to keep kids away from alcohol and drugs. You might be asking yourself why we need another minor in possession (MIP) class?

Do you really believe the message about the dangers of alcohol and other recreational drugs is working? This question is not as simple as it sounds. Given that children under the age of 18 are consuming alcohol and other drugs, mainly marijuana, in record numbers is an indicator that the message is not encouraging our kids to make better choices.

It may seem (to us) like the message is clear, but clearly it is not. If you are a resident of Michigan, I encourage you to sign up for a class. If you are a parent, it is smart to take the class together, with your child.

Role modeling, communication, and clearly defined expectations are key factors to helping our teenagers make good decisions. For more information, go to our link or contact us today.


8 Hour Alcohol Awareness Classes Save Lives

This will be the first in a series of blogs addressing the dangers of excessive alcohol use and how it can not only ruin lives, but kill.

Do you believe that all the banter about the dangers of alcohol is a bunch of hooey? Are you aware that they kind of alcohol we drink, ethyl alcohol, is toxic to the human body? If you or someone you know has consumed too much alcohol for their liver to process, you have experienced or witnessed alcohol poisoning which can be lethal.

Do you know someone whose life is or was adversely effected by too much alcohol? I meet hundreds of people every month whose lives, health and relationships have been compromised by alcoholic beverages.

Alcoholism effects people from all walks of life. It effects people from every race, religion and gender.

How Deadly?

Just how deadly is alcohol? The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that alcohol is responsible for killing 2.5 million people per year. For those of you math majors, you can figure it out - that means almost 7,000 die every single day (6,849) because of alcohol. That is almost 5% of all deaths globally that can be attributed to alcohol.

Does that make you take a second to reflect?

WHO says the harmful use of alcohol is now the third leading risk factor for illness and death from non-communicable and communicable disease.

I hope this first entry into the "alcohol kills" blog series makes you stop and consider your personal drinking habits and the habits of those around you. I would also recommend taking an 8 hour online alcohol awareness class to get really educated on the subject.

Principal Gets DUI -- Needs to Take DUI Course

Do you think the educators of our children should be held to a higher standard? I firmly believe that teachers and school principals need to set an example for our children. However, I do not believe they should lose their jobs over getting a violation for driving under the influence (DUI).

Following is a true story an elementary school principal whop should keep her job, but should be mandated to at least an online alcohol class. As reported in newsitem.com.

The principal at a Pennsylvania elementary school was charged with DUI and allegedly begged the officer for leniency because of her job.

Holly Ann Judge, 36, was stopped at 11:30 p.m. and initially refused a Breathalyzer or blood test. There was little doubt as to her level of inebriation as she was unable to stand without stumbling during a field test.

While I believe everyone deserves a second chance, Judge’s level of intoxication is quite frightening. A blood-alcohol test determined her BAC was .33 percent, more than four times the legal limit.

Magnuson said he initiated a traffic stop after seeing a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee pull onto South Market Street without using a turn signal, drive over the center line and continue traveling north in the southbound lane, according to the newspaper.

The officer said the driver, later identified as Judge, seemed flustered when asked questions; her eyes were bloodshot and she smelled of alcohol. Judge admitted to having a couple of drinks, but begged Magnuson to let her go because she would lose her job, the paper reported. The insurance card she presented had expired in April, police said.

Judge faces two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence, failing to drive on the right side of the road, failing to drive on the road, failing to use proper turn signals, failing to have required financial insurance and driving carelessly and recklessly, the newspaper reported. She was charged Thursday before District Judge John H. Reed, Selinsgrove.

Judge was appointed principal in October 2011. Her annual salary is $93,244. School officials withheld comment, but a special school board meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday at Island Park Adminstration Center conference room, according to the newspaper.

Police Officer Needs 24 Hour DUI Class

Should there be a minimum age for police officers? There is no doubt many 21-year-olds are not mature enough to handle such a stressful and important job. This is one of those instances.

A New Jersey police officer has been removed from street duty and is facing drunken driving charges after he allegedly drove a red pickup truck through three street signs, struck a building, and knocked down a neon sign. As reported in www.philly.com.

William A. Grasso, 21, was charged with suspicion of driving while intoxicated and reckless driving. The crash occurred shortly before 2 a.m. He was off-duty at the time of the accident. Is he mature enough to be a police officer?

The officer has been taken off the street and relieved of police powers as the facts of this incident are ascertained. There exists the very-real possibility that he will lose his job if convicted. The facts make his case look bleak at best.

The accident occurred after Grasso's truck hopped a curb in the traffic circle median, struck two road signs, and went back onto the road before hopping another curb. Grasso's truck then plowed into another road sign before ramming into the liquor store sign.

After striking the sign, Grasso's truck hit part of a brick retaining wall and, finally, a tree.

Grasso was injured in the accident and was taken to the hospital bleeding and suffering from head trauma. He is also the second member of the Camden County Police Department to run afoul of authorities in Cherry Hill while off-duty. Back in May, a lieutenant who led the department's narcotics unit allegedly exposed himself at a Starbucks.

I would like to see Grasso get a second chance. Perhaps after taking a 24 hour online alcohol class, he can return to being a helpful protector of society.

Another Disney Star Headed to DUI Program

There is no denying that being in the public adds extra pressure along with notoriety for all actions. This is especially true when it comes to young actors who battle with addiction issues as well as get caught for driving under the influence (DUI).

The latest actor to get arrested for DUI is Disney star Billy Unger. Of course it happened late at night – shortly after the howling hour (midnight). The 18-year-old Disney XD “Lab Rats” star blew a .08 when police pulled him over for speeding on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California. As reported in heavy.com.

Unger joins a long list of former Disney stars who have struggled with alcohol and drugs, including Zac Efron, Shia LaBeouf, and Jake T. Austin.

Here’s what you should know about the child star and his indiscretion. Unger blew a .08 blood alcohol level when police administered a Breathalyzer test. In California, a .08 or higher constitutes driving under the influence, but the state also has a Zero Tolerance Law for drivers under 21 years old.

First-time offenders in California face penalties include a one year license suspension, the educational portion of DUI school and hundreds of dollars in fines.

Unger sent his first post-jail text to Josie Canseco at 3 a.m., the 16-year-old daughter of former baseball player Jose Canseco. She’s friends with Unger’s little brother Eric.

Unger has long had the reputation of being a perfect 10 in all aspects of his life. Does a DUI taint that?

Hopefully this is a one-time offense and Unger will take a professional alcohol class and realize he is a role model for many young, adoring fans.

Do 10% of All Americans Die From Alcohol Abuse?

As horrific as that headline reads, it begs to be asked – is it true?

In a study by the Centers for Disease Control, alcohol abuse causes one in ten deaths of working class adults in the United States. That makes it the fourth leading cause of preventable death. As reported in www.digitaljournal.com.

Does that figure shock you? Even though I am the educational director for onlinealcoholclass.com, that figure seems absurdly high.

Do you think that number might justify legalizing marijuana?

Many will argue that there is growing evidence that medical marijuana is valuable for treatment of many illnesses and injuries. There are those that will try and make you believe that there is no evidence that recreational marijuana is harmful.

Keep in mind that the American medical Association (AMA), the definitive body of medical expertise in this country, has yet to conclude there is even one ailment that benefits from smoking marijuana.

According to the CDC), excessive drinking accounted for 1 in 10 deaths among working-age adults in the United States. AAD rates vary across states, but excessive drinking remains a leading cause of premature mortality nationwide.

The CDC estimated excessive drinking cost the US $223 billion in 2006 alone or $766 for every person in America, including children. Perhaps because it is only roughly half of what the alcohol industry makes each year it is ignored.

While many still will try and prove that marijuana is a safer alternative, why not just be sober? When did being sober become so horrible? I am hopeful that through good classes like those at onlinealcoholclass.com and onlinedrugclass.com we will encourage more people to lead a sober lifestyle.