Too Short Needs Drug and Alcohol Class

The best thing about rap is the name of the bands, or at least the names of the singers. One of my current favorite names is “Too Short.” I have no idea how his music is, but he has a great name. Oh yeah, he also has a driving under the influence violation.

This is not the first time the diminutive 46-year-old rapper has been involved in controversy. Just last year a video by Too Short was posted on, a hip-hop. In the video, Too Short gives "Fatherly Advice" to late middle-school and high-school boys. Specifically, he offers "a couple of tricks" for "when you start feeling a certain way about the girls." As reported in

Now, during a DUI arrest in Hollywood, Too Short tried to sprint from officers and make his getaway. The "Blow the Whistle" rapper made it less than half a block before his arresting officers pinned him to the pavement. His manager claims Too Short was afraid he was “not getting a fair shake” and that is why he ran. Of course the incident happened during the “witching hours” – about 3a.m.

Kids – learn from Too Short’s experience – do not drink and drive and never run from the police.

How drunk was Too Short – just a nip over the legal limit – blowing a .09. The ta was just the beginning of Too Short’s troubles. He was later rebooked him for felony drug possession a few hours later after cops found narcotics that he a tried to ditch in the back of a squad car. Not surprisingly, his manager again has stepped up to his defense, denying the drugs belonged to the platinum-selling artist, who's collaborated with Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G. and Snoop Dogg.

The story his manager is spinning is becoming a real tall tale. After all his manager says, how could Too Short be drunk and possess narcotics when marijuana is his drug of choice?

At the very least it looks like Too Short really needs a comprehensive drug and alcohol class and can even take a good one online if privacy is an issue.


Does Lindsay Lohan Need More Alcohol Awareness Courses?

Is it possible that Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan is again battling addiction issues after another relapse? I would have hoped that after her previous trials and tribulations Lohan would have stayed away from all drugs.

As with many addicts, Lohan has turned her addictive behavior in another direction – prescription medications. As reported in

Yes, it is true that Lohan has suffered another relapse on her road to sobriety. The star of such “great” films as “Freaky Friday”, “Mean Girls” and “Herbie Fully Reloaded” will check herself into another in-patient facility this week.

This is Lohan’s sixth stint in rehab and like the others, it was mandated by the courts. The treatment for this visit to rehab will be alcohol addiction as well as an addiction to prescription medication. She chose rehab over more jail time.

Acquaintances of the 26-year-old star admit Lohan consumes large amounts of vodka along with medications like Adderall and Xanax. I do not think this is going to end well for her. Her friends continue to state that Lohan is only doing this because she has been court-ordered and does not believe she has addiction issues.

How can she possibly still be in denial? I refuse to believe she does not see she has serious addiction problems. The only way Lohan is going to survive as a mature adult is if she comes clean with herself – mind body and spirit.

Can and Alcohol Drug Class Keep You on the Straight and Narrow?

Just how far can you go? I assure you that if you do not take drugs, you cannot imagine how far you can fall, and what things you might resort to.

The “poster child” for what drug abuse can do to a person just may be Drew Gissel. For his efforts Gissel will be spending the next three years behind bars. As reported in

The 24-year-old also was sentenced to another five years on extended supervision for burglarizing a man’s car. In that case, a man was cleaning out his car and went back inside his abode for a moment when Gissel struck.

When the man emerged and spotted Gissel in the back seat stealing items, he confronted him. Gissel punched the man in the face before fleeing into a nearby apartment building.

Although this is a burglary case, it really is a drug case as well. This is the poster child of the devastation drugs pose to the community. Of course, Gissel was stealing to feed his addiction!

He also was ordered to pay $400 in restitution and is not allowed to possess or consume any alcohol or drugs.

Gissel appears to be sorry for his actions. Hopefully, while in jail, he will take a good alcohol drug class and begin a new sober life.

Ditka Lawyer Needs DUI Curriculum Too

The attorney defending NFL Hall of Fame Football Coach and CBS Sports Analyst Mike Ditka’s son in a driving under the influence violation finds himself on the other side of the courtroom – defending himself on a Dui charge.

The attorney who represented two sons of Mike Ditka in recent DUI cases was cited in march for driving on a suspended license, which resulted from the lawyer’s own arrest for DUI in October. As reported in

Attorney Robert Ritacca had been found not guilty of the drunken driving charge filed against him (probably had a good attorney). But despite being ultimately cleared of the DUI, Ritacca lost his driver’s license for a year because he declined to take a breathalyzer or field sobriety test (on the advice of his attorney).

Ritacca denied he’d been drinking. He said he refused the tests because he was feeling effects of a medical condition from which he suffers called cerebral vasculitis, which has caused him to become “disoriented and lose focus.” Probably shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a car when he is losing focus and disoriented.

The attorney did have a permit enabling him to drive if he had a breath alcohol ignition interlock device, or BAAID, installed in his vehicle, however there was not one installed in Ritacca’s 2005 Corvette at the time of his arrest.

He represented Mark Ditka when the son of the former Bears coach pleaded guilty to aggravated DUI in January. Ritacca was also the lawyer for Mark Ditka’s brother, Michael Ditka, when a felony DUI case was dropped against him in early 2012.

Is it just me or do you think Ritacca could use a thorough DUI class

Bobby Brown Knows the Inside of California DUI Class

It should come as no surprise that singer Bobby Brown has been to California DUI classes. The singer has had a well-publicized battle with drugs and alcohol.

Although he is known for his addiction issues, even a little for his singing, he is best-known as the ex-husband of the late Whitney Houston. Brown is now being monitored by an electronic ankle bracelet as he serves his 55-day sentence in connection with a DUI conviction. As reported in

Brown reported to court on Wednesday to begin serving his jail sentence and four years of informal probation.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore said Brown was likely to serve no more than nine days in County Jail because of overcrowding, as well as time off for good behavior and credit for "good time work time." But Whitmore also noted the sentence could be influenced by his county probation officials.

Brown ended up serving just eight hours in jail before being released.

Brown, a onetime member of the singing group New Edition who also had a solo career, pleaded no contest in February to a DUI charge, one of two such charges last year for the singer.

Whitmore said it was the Probation Department's decision to place Brown on an electronic ankle bracelet. The exact requirements were not available, Whitmore said, but inmates typically cannot travel outside their homes for the time they are under electronic monitoring.

In addition to the jail time for pleas related to drunk driving, driving on a suspended license and a probation violation for a prior DUI incident, Brown also must complete an 18-month alcohol-treatment program and attend three Alcoholics Anonymous meetings a week.

Brown, ex-husband of the late Whitney Houston, had been sentenced to a day in jail and three years' probation for the March 26, 2012, arrest, which took place in the San Fernando Valley after California Highway Patrol officers allegedly spotted him talking on his cellphone while driving.

Celebrities Need Driving Under the Influence Educational Classes

As the educational director for in-class and web based alcohol, drug and DUI classes, I am hyper-aware of stories involving drunk driving behavior. This holds true for athletes and other celebrities that are involved in DUI-related incidents.

How often do you see celebrities involved in DUI behavior? The following vignettes are from one day’s news!

Trumaine Johnson

St. Louis Rams cornerback Trumaine Johnson was arrested for DUI in Montana shortly after 2 a.m. when police noticed him driving without his headlights illuminated.

To his credit, unlike many celebrities and athletes, Johnson was cooperative throughout the incident. Knowing he may have been intoxicated, Johnson refused a Breathalyzer test. but was deemed intoxicated based on the totality of circumstances in the investigation.

This isn't the first run-in with the law for Johnson. While at Montana, he was arrested and tasered by police in October 2011. It would appear that Johnson needs counseling and I recommend a 30 hour online based alcohol awareness class.

Farrah Abraham

Can a person from the reality show “Teen Mom” really be considered a celebrity? Unfortunately there are thousands of teen girls out there watching this abomination of a show. Not only do these girls make the poor decision to engage in unprotected sex, but also get cited regularly for abominable behavior. One such “star is Farrah Abraham.

The 21-year-old Abraham was arrested for DUI in Nebraska. Her excuse is absolutely pathetic. She was to be the responsible one, the designated driver, making sure she and her sister got home safely from a St. Patrick’s Day party. When her sister decided to stay longer, Abraham continued to “sip on drinks” until her sister was ready. Is she really blaming her sister?

It didn’t help matters that she became belligerent with police when confronted. Farrah was administered a breathalyzer test by the police, which revealed a blood alcohol level of .147. Does that look like the BAC if a designated driver?

Like Johnson, Abraham needs a complete alcohol and DUI program as well as counseling for anger management.

Will Maryland DUIs Ever Stop?

How Many times does someone have to get arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) before they finally decide to quit drinking? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is “as many as it takes.”

Often times it may take a life-threatening incident, or worse a fatal accident. As reported in

William Ferguson, III was arrested for his eighth DUI offense in Tennessee after leading deputies on a chase through three counties. Of course, it happened just after midnight, Ferguson was stopped in his 1995 Ford Mustang. Instead of stopping the 40-year-old sped off and knocked the deputy to the ground. He was not injured.

Ferguson was arrested and charged him with reckless driving, three counts of aggravated assault, two counts of simple assault, driving on a revoked license, resisting arrest, and 8th offense DUI.

In a completely separate incident, A Baltimore man faces charges after he was pulled over twice in one night for DUI. The driver was 21-year old Harold Heard IV. He was originally pulled over and arrested around 12a.m. At around 2:20 a.m., Heard was released from the hospital and taken to a motel. It was the same officer who arrested him again. He blew a 0.14.

Two guys in dire need of a DUI class that I hope they take. Learn more about DUI classes here: They also should become permanent pedestrians.

Florida DUI Comes Back to Haunt Man After 25 Years

Is there a statute of limitations on a driving under the influence violation? I guess not. A Florida man is on trial for a DUI arrest back in 1987. He did not show up and a warrant for his arrest was issued.

When 46-year-old John Ludan, an American citizen living in Sweden, learned that he has an arrest warrant against him, and he quickly wrote to the Broward County judge asking him to dismiss it. His claim is police never saw him driving a motor vehicle and there were problems with the breath results, so tests were administered more than once. As reported in

And the incident in question happened during the Reagan Administration.

Interestingly, in writing to the judge Ludan inadvertently reactivated a case that had lain dormant for nearly 26 years. In that time, Ludan had left his home in Hollywood and settled in Stockholm, where he now lives in a one-bedroom apartment, estranged from his wife and sharing custody of their daughter.

Prosecutors said they're ready to proceed, undeterred by the long delay in justice. Is this just a serious waste of taxpayer money?

Ludan left Florida in 1987 believing the case against him had already been dismissed. His disappearance triggered the arrest warrant. He was 21 at the time of his arrest.

Perhaps he should plea to taking an alcohol class in Sweden or a Florida based alcohol awareness program to satisfy the arrest.

Are Middle Class English Women Most-Affected by Alcohol Prices?

In many blogs in the past I discussed the problem with many young, professional British women. They binge drink quite often and at times make total tarts of themselves. So, are they affected by an increase in alcohol prices? What do you think?

Critics in the United Kingdom believe that proposed price rises on alcohol are likely to unfairly impact responsible women - mothers and hardworking professionals - who drink responsibly will be punished unfairly should the government’s plans succeed. As reported in

They complain that these responsibly drinking women will now have to unwind “each evening” with a $7 bottle of wine. I am not sure I agree that a bottle of wine a day represents responsible drinking for responsible mothers.

Do you believe that alcohol prices will add to the pressures on hard-working families who are already struggling to manage with decreasing household budgets? How much do these people drink? Looking at an increase in price of about $1.25 per bottle of wine, it is interesting that the British government believes this increase will cost consumers an estimated additional £1,040 (1.8 million US dollars) million per year.

I believe that alcohol is not a necessity but a luxury. If the additional revenues are used for alcohol classes and other programs to help prevent and treat alcoholism I am all in favor of higher prices.

Does New Mexico Need an 8-Hour Alcohol Awareness Class (part 2)?

In our previous blog entry we looked at the problem New Mexico has with driving under the influence violations and the state’s efforts to combat the issue. Already requiring driver interlock devices for a first offense, they now are talking about not allowing anyone convicted of a DUI to even purchase alcohol.

What do you think of that? As reported in

The current proposal would expand that measure, barring thousands of New Mexicans who are required to have the devices from buying alcohol at all. Under the measure, drivers with the interlocks would be issued a specially marked license indicating that they are prohibited from buying alcohol.

Real-Life Motivation

What motivated this bill was a state senator witnessed a man with an interlock device in his car buy miniature bottles of whiskey and a Coke at a convenience store. The man poured the whiskey into the Coke, blew into the interlock device and started his car. He then placed the drink in the car’s cup holder and drove off.

Alaska is one other state with a similar law where a judge can order an offender not to buy alcohol, in which case his state identification card is marked.

Of course there are always plenty of ways to buy alcohol, especially if you are over 21. Many places do not even ask for ID. It will be interesting to see if this passes and if so how it affects repeat DUI statistics.