Beer Tax Hike or Online Alcohol Class?

What do you think would have a stronger effect on people’s drinking habits – a tax increase on beer or an alcohol awareness class? I hope you answered – an alcohol class.

There are a number of lawmakers who feel that increasing the beer tax by 10 cents per gallon will keep people from becoming alcoholics, or make those with severe drinking problems discontinue their use. What do you think? As reported in

I can tell you this, Nucky Thompson, the Steve Buscemi character from the HBO hit television series “Boardwalk Empire” would have no problem with a 10 cent per gallon tax on booze.

New Hampshire's current beer tax is 30 cents per gallon. While a 30% increase may sound excessive, it is important to note that the state has not raised its liquor or beer taxes since 1991.

As a counselor for both in-class and online alcohol classes I can assure you that this tax will not diminish use in any way, shape or form!

Any increase like this should be put to good use in the form of alcohol education. The state should use these funds to cover online alcohol classes for any offender who has an alcohol-related offense. I welcome your thoughts on this issue.

iPhone may Save You from an Alcohol Class

Technology is involved in virtually every aspect of our lives. As a child of the 1970s and 1980s, many of us saw movies and cartoon where this might be a possibility. Now it is a reality.

One technology that seems to be omnipresent is iPhone applications. Can an app be developed to help keep you from getting a DUI and having to take an online DUI class? Judge for yourself. As reported in

Here is one of the most popular DUI/DWI iPhone apps in the market today:


BreathalEyes is an iPhone app that detects the eye’s involuntary movement. This app is similar to the field sobriety test that police officers conduct on drivers. The twitching and jerking of the eye on its own is a sign of alcohol consumption, and BreathalEyes uses the iPhone’s camera to record a driver’s eye movement while the driver’s head remains forward.

One of the primary drawbacks to BreathalEyes is that the individual conducting the test, usually the driver, should be able to hold the phone steady during the test duration or should be sober. Good lighting conditions are also required.

This is just one app used to help keep you from making a big mistake. The best choice to have alternative transportation lined up in advance, or take a taxi. We will look at other apps in the next installment in this blog series.

Make Recidivism a Thing from Your Past, Take a Tennessee DUI Class

It has been written that for every time a person is arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) they have driven while intoxicated and gotten away with it more than 400 times. Given that stat it is amazing that someone can actually get caught three, four, five and many more. Such is the case with these real life DUI serial offenders.

Troy Parks, a 44-year-old from Springfield, Tennessee just received his fifth DUI. How can we keep people like him off the road? You can suspend their license, but you can’t keep them from driving. As reported in

Parks was spotted swerving all over the road. When stopped not only did he reek of booze, but the arresting officer found five alcoholic beverages behind the driver’s seat.

Parks was unable to pass the first sobriety test, and he lost his balance while attempting to perform a second test.

Parks remains in the Robertson County Jail on a $40,000 bond. Parks has four other prior DUI charges; three in Robertson County and one in Sumner County between 1992-2005, according to the report.

Have you or someone you care about received more than one DUI violation? If so, you could need help. An alcohol class is a good place to start. If you prefer to maintain your anonymity there are online alcohol classes too available at

Alcohol Drug Classes needed in Sierra Leone

Believe it or not there are severe drug problems on the continent of Africa. As a counselor for both in-class and online drug classes my students and I often discuss drug issues throughout the world. They are quite often surprised by the serious drug issues plaguing Africa. It is more than just lions, tigers, elephants and zebras.

Many start using drugs, then selling drugs, and then becoming addicted to drugs. Some begin using as early as age seven. As reported in

The drug of choice in Sierra Leone is heroin, with freebased cocaine a close second. When hard drugs were not available, they turn to marijuana, alcohol, amphetamines, or prescription pills - anything, really. There is a growing number of African youth that are living a life of complete addiction, being stoned virtually every waking hour.

Substance abuse has long been a problem for the impoverished West African country. Throughout the 1990s, a civil war gained international notoriety for the role played by drug-fuelled teenagers, who committed atrocities and launched an anarchic attack on the capital. The effects of marijuana, alcohol, and amphetamines contributed to the violence.

In recent years, harder drugs - cocaine and, to a lesser extent, heroin - have become increasingly available. Part of the blame is that this Western African nation is in the center of the transit route for much of the world’s drug trade.

I would like to see the government step it up and begin mandatory alcohol drug classes for youth. It is imperative they understand the ramifications of early experimentation and use and decide never to start in the first place.

Do Irish Need 8 Hour Alcohol Awareness Classes?

I will be the first to admit that the Irish have a reputation for being heavy drinkers. Having visited the country I know first-hand that the drinking starts and ends early. With less time to imbibe, the Irish drink hard and fast!

How knowledgeable are you about Irish law when it comes to blood-alcohol concentrations (BAC) when it comes to legal limits? If this information is of interest to you, I encourage you to read on. As reported in

Legal Limits Increased!

Ireland's Kerry County has just increased the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) from 0.05 to 0.07 percent in certain rural areas.

The rationale behind the increase – it will help with farmers’ boredom! Yes, you read that right – let’s let them drink more so they don’t get too bored!!

Is this unreasonable? Now each farmer will be allowed to down up to three pints of beer at the pub and legally drive home.

Will this be a danger on the roads? Kerry County is looking into enforcing a 30 mph speed limit for rural residents who have had a pint too many. That sounds like a good idea, right?

It should come as no surprise that bar owners enthusiastically support the bill. The national government, however, views the matter much differently.

Perhaps they should mandate that each farmer take an 8-hour alcohol awareness class.

Crocs Founder Needs an Alcohol Class

Is he a drunkard? Is he eccentric? Once again a rich and somewhat famous person makes headlines for bad behavior. What’s your call?

This guy is a total piece of work. His name is George Boedecker Jr and he is one of the founders of the shoe company Crocs, Inc. As reported in

It is surprising that Boedecker Jr. decided to plead guilty, after all, at the crime scene, he insinuated to Boulder police that he was only a passenger and country music superstar Taylor Swift had been driving his Porsche the day he was arrested for DUI.

The 51-year-old Boedecker pleaded guilty to driving under the influence with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.2 or above, meaning his blood alcohol level was more than twice the DUI threshold of 0.08. It was his first DUI conviction.

The footwear tycoon was given two years of probation, which includes 30 days of in-home detention with electronic monitoring and other strict conditions.

Boedecker, cofounder of Crocs and benefactor of the Boedecker Theater at the Dairy Center for the Arts, was arrested after witnesses called r police to say a man was sleeping behind the wheel of a running Porsche.

Boedecker’s vehicle was parked part-way up on the sidewalk. After being woken up by police and paramedic personnel, Boedecker reeked of alcohol, had slurred speech and could not maintain his balance. To his credit, he was parked and asleep. However, he still had to drive to get to that point. If he wanted to sleep it off, he should have gotten into the back seat for his nap.

Boedecker was uncooperative with officers throughout the incident, including the claim as Swift as the driver, saying he was going to become "medieval" and that the arresting officer was now his enemy for life.

Typical eccentric tycoon jerk, when asked his address, he used profanity claiming to have 17 homes and threatening officers that his clout would cost them their badges.

He now seems to be taking responsibility for his actions (probably on the advice of his attorney). I hope he also takes a good DUI class, as well as counseling for anger management and anti-social behavior.

Montanta Alcohol Educational Courses Prevent Serial DUI Behavior

I am a firm believer that you cannot get too much education. Could alcohol classes mandated at a young age keep everyone from making the bad decision to drink and drive? The answer to that question is a resounding no.

However, one of the primary goals of a good online alcohol class to prevent someone from making the same bad decision. I would like to think that Robert Luis Cedeno could have benefited from an alcohol class. As reported in

How much credibility would you give the 48-year-old, seven-time repeat offender? He pleaded not guilty. He is charged with felony DUI and misdemeanor charges of driving without insurance, driving without a valid license and fleeing from officers during his arraignment.

Cedeno has five prior DUI convictions in New York between 1990 and 1995, and a sixth conviction in Wyoming in 2005.

In the most recent incident, police witnessed his car hit a curb in front of City Hall and crashed into a tree outside the building. As a police officer approached his vehicle, Cedeno drove off.

A second officer saw the car a few blocks away and noticed the bumper hanging down and barely attached. Cedeno ignored this officers attempt to stop him as well.

Cedeno refused all sobriety tests and declined to provide a breath sample. Do you give him the benefit of the doubt? I don’t. I hope he is mandated to a Montana alcohol class and seeks counseling for what is a serious drinking problem.

Should All Extreme DUIs Go to DUI School?

Do you think there should be stronger penalties for those convicted of extreme DUI? For our purposes, extreme DUI will be defined as having a blood-alcohol concentration of .16 or higher, or receiving three or more DUI violations over a lifetime.

Rhode Island State Police caught a Massachusetts man driving with a blood-alcohol concentration of 4½ times the legal limit (.08). As reported in

The seriously drunk man, 43-year-old Thomas J. Eaton, was arrested for DUI and driving on a suspended license.

Police gave Eaton two breath tests. The first reading was 0.362 percent, and the second came back as 0.356 percent. That is scary that he would get behind the wheel that intoxicated. He definitely should be mandated a good alcohol class.

If you thought Eaton’s act egregious, what about James Carmine Merrill, a-39-year-old New Yorker arrested after he was seen passed out behind the steering wheel of a blue Ford Escape.

Does he get any credit that he was not driving at the time? Merrill was so drunk he couldn’t figure out how to work the windows of his vehicle, and of course the car reeked of booze.

He had trouble answering simple questions, was unsteady on his feet and his pants were disheveled and his belt was undone — there was also a large wet area near the driver’s side door, having peed in his pants. His BAC was .221.

What makes Merrill’s case so egregious? This was his third DUI in 12 months! He needs an DUI School STAT.

David Hasselhoff’s Daughter in Need of an 8-Hour Online Alcohol Class

They say the apple does not fall far from the tree. Who of us can forget the alcohol-related incident that became public knowledge surrounding David Hasselhoff?

One of the biggest stars in the world, and idolized in Germany, Hasselhoff was caught on camera in a drunken stupor back in 2007. Hasselhoff was captured shirtless on the videotape in 2007 in a drunken tirade eating a cheeseburger. Hoff’s oldest daughter, Taylor Ann taped it in a Las Vegas hotel room and begged her father to stop drinking; the now infamous video went viral. As reported in

Now it appears the Baywatch and Knight Rider star has company – his 20-year-old daughter Haley. Just after Christmas, Haley was arrested for speeding while being under the influence, and now, is being charged with a DUI!!

If she's found guilty, she's looking at spending up to six months in jail.

As I mentioned the apple does not fall far from the tree. In addition to her father’s poor decision with alcohol, Hayley’s mom, Pamela Bach, Hasselhoff’s ex-wife, was arrested twice for DUI in 2009 and 2010. She was sentenced to 90 days in jail and had to wear an ankle bracelet for six months which was used to detect if she had alcohol in her system.

I am not sure if you recall, but the Hasselhoff’s had a reality show on A&E. Like most reality shows, it was an abomination. It followed David and his two daughters, but was canceled after only two episodes in December 2010.

How bad does a reality show have to be to last only two episodes?

Hopefully, Haley will get a good alcohol class and decide to abstain from the consumption of fermented beverages in the future.

California DUI Classes Help Keep You from becoming Menace to Society

Would you agree that those who drink and drive are menaces to society? How about those who get busted for multiple driving under the influence (DUI) violations?

I would certainly label Albert McCowan a menace to society. The 51-year-old Californian just got popped for his seventh DUI. As reported in

Officers noticed McCown when he started driving on the wrong side of the road (menace to oncoming traffic for sure). When pulled over, McCowan tried to climb into the backseat from the driver's seat. There were two other passengers were in the car.

When he got out of the car, the drunken driver could barely stand up. McCowan was glassy-eyed and reeked of alcohol.

What about the passengers? Were they as bad off as this menace? Not at all, one of the passengers proceeded to drive the car home!

Would it surprise you to learn that his license was already revoked at the time of the incident?

A review of his criminal history revealed he has been charged with DUI six other times since 1992 and has been charged with driving on a revoked license seven times prior.

I am not certain a California DUI class alone will suffice to keep this menace away from endangering society. I do think he needs intensive counseling and should never get behind the wheel again.