Do Celebrities Such as Nick Nolte and Hugh Grant Need Alcohol Classes?

I wish I was a celebrity right now. If so, I would be the Robert Downey, Jr. as I have remained clean and sober after taking a good alcohol class. This is the 19th in a series of blogs exposing celebrities and the problems with alcohol.

Nick Nolte – One could blog all day on the addiction issues of one of America’s finest actors. The star of such blockbusters as Semi Tough and The Prince of Tides has had a number of alcohol-related incidents. The most notable of which was one of the worst mug shots in Hollywood history when he was arrested for DUI.

Hugh Grant – I hate to admit it but I am a huge fan of the British actor who starred in such blockbusters as Four Weddings and a Funeral and Knotting Hill. Nevertheless, despite his arrest while getting oral sex from Devine Brown, a prostitute in Los Angeles, California, and given the fact that he may have been high on drugs and alcohol, I still find myself rooting for this guy. Why, you ask? Because this was his one run-in with the law. In his mug shot he looks genuinely contrite.

I hope both Nolte and Grant took good alcohol classes that continue to make them productive members of both Hollywood and society.

George Zimmerman’s Supporter in Need of an Florida DUI School

You all recognize the name George Zimmerman right? He is the neighborhood watch vigilante in Florida who shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and stirred up a storm of controversy in both Florida and the nation.

Frank Taaffe, the Sanford, Florida neighbor who has been one of George Zimmerman’s staunchest supporters as he fights second degree murder charges in the killing of Martin, now has his own case to argue. As reported in

Taaffe was charged and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). He had mixed alcohol with prescription anxiety medication, which intensified the effects of alcohol.

There are always excuses and while I can sympathize that Taaffe may have had some serious personal trauma in the past, blaming it on not reading the medication bottle and knowing that alcohol will adversely affect the body in combination with the meds is inexcusable. What medication is not affected by booze?

Taaffe had been hospitalized about a week prior to the arrest, and given anxiety medication after being hospitalized for chest pains. He said the hospitalization was related to the anniversary of his son’s death.

This is not Taaffe’s first run-in with the law.

He faced misdemeanor battery and domestic violence charges in 1997 and 1999, respectively, in incidents involving his ex-wife, Susan. More recently, Taaffe faced two separate requests for protective orders, in cases of “repeat violence.”

Zimmerman too has had previous run-ins with the law.

Zimmerman was arrested in 2005 on domestic battery charges involving a former girlfriend, and in 2005 on charges of battery on a law enforcement officer.

The cases involving both of these gentlemen are disturbing to say the least. Both appear to have anger management issues and probably should not be involved in neighborhood watch programs. Taaffe needs a Florida DUI class and possible a drug class as well. I am certain America will be riveted to the Zimmerman case.

Randy Travis Needs Texas DUI Class

I wonder what the lyrics to the song would be if country crooner Randy Travis were to write a song about his latest arrest. The incidents would certainly make for one sad country song.

The 53-year-old singer was charged with driving while intoxicated after the country crooner crashed his car in Texas. Oh yeah, he was found naked and was quite abusive to police when they arrived. His mug shot will be another of those celebrity classics for sure! As reported in

His bad attitude also garnered him charges for felony retaliation and obstruction charge. Here's how it went down. When police arrived at the scene around midnight, Travis was lying naked in the street, with his busted up 1998 Trans Am off on the side of the road in a pile of construction debris.

When police tried to get him into the squad car he threatened to kill them. He refused sobriety tests.

This is Travis’ second alcohol-related arrest this year. He was charged in February of this year with public intoxication after being spotted in a vehicle parked in front of a church about 20 miles from where the entertainer lives.

Travis blamed this incident on a fight with his girlfriend. It sounds to be like he has a drinking problem and needs an Texas DUI class and counseling ASAP.

Yet Another NFL Player Heading to Alcohol Class

With 12 players arrested this past off-season for driving under the influence (DUI, including three Detroit Lions twice (Aaron Berry, Nick Fairly and Mikel Leshoure), the National Football League needs to address the problem of alcohol use and abuse among its players.

In an effort to resolve his ongoing DUI case, Jacksonville Jaguars’ wide receiver Justin Blackmon withdrew his former not guilty plea. Blackmon was given a one year deferred sentence and a $500 penalty and required to serve 50 hours of community service. As reported in

Blackmon was arrested during a routine traffic check on suspicion of DUI on June 3rd.He was booked into jail after a breathalyzer test revealed the Jacksonville Jaguars draftee posted a blood-alcohol level of .24, which is considered three times over the legal limit appointed by the state at a .15 reading. A second sample taken from Justin Blackmon registered at .26.

Blackmon is required to fit an interlock device on his car, which acts like a breath analyzer and refuses individuals over state legal drinking limit the permission to start the car.

Apart from the interlock device, further safety and preventive measures demand that Justin Blackmon take a DUI class.

Hopefully, this will get this rookie back on the path to a successful career.

Mel Gibson and Nicole Richie Might Need DUI School

There seems to be no end to the list of celebrities that have been involved in an alcohol-related incident. As a counselor for both in-class and online alcohol classes the subject of celebrity DUI is often discussed with my students. This is the 17th in a series of blogs on celebrities’ issues with alcohol.

Mel Gibson – In a virtual career-threatening instance, Gibson was busted for Dui and caught on tape in an anti-Semitic tirade. His vile personal views on file for the world to see, he did try to lie his way out of it. The incident occurred in Malibu, California and his career really has never been the same. But a picture says a thousand words. Nice mug shot buddy – I like the cowlick.

Nicole Richie – The daughter of Lionel Richie and friend of Paris Hilton, this reality star whose 15 minutes expired long ago was arrested for driving under the influence. She was so hammered she was driving the wrong way on the interstate. For her efforts she received 96 hours of jail time, but served only 82 minutes! Celebrity has its privileges.

One superstar who never again will be able to overcome the incident in question, and one reality star that hopefully will just manage to stay out of the limelight in the future.

Delaware DUI Class Could Have Kept Man Out of Pokey

Everyone deserves a second chance. If a person is arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) I certainly subscribe to the theory that with a good alcohol class and some counseling, combined with a commitment to stay sober, a person belongs back behind the wheel.

A second DUI, in my opinion, should result in a driver becoming a permanent pedestrian. The case of a Delaware man getting hit with his fifth DUI offense is certainly criminal. As reported in

A man from New Castle was arrested for his fifth DUI offense after a hit and run collision. It is only a matter of time before this guy kills himself or someone else.

Stephen Callahan was charged with a fifth offense felony driving under the influence of alcohol, driving on a suspended license, leaving the scene of an accident and other related traffic offenses.

It would be nice if there was some medication that could be mandated for this 49-year-old chronic alcoholic and DUI offender that would make his body reject alcohol. I would like to think that a comprehensive alcohol awareness class as well as inpatient treatment might get Callahan sober, but at this point I think he needs to spend some time in jail.

More Celebrities Like Kiefer Sutherland Who Need DUI Classes

Celebrities getting busted for drugs and alcohol is a common occurrence. Some actors with immense talent continue to get arrested again and again. Some, like Robert Downey, Jr., who almost die from their addiction, are actually able to overcome their substance abuse issues and resume a normal life. This is the 16th in a series of blog entries intended to illuminate celebrity problems with alcohol.

Kiefer Sutherland – This major Holly wood star who was in movies like Flatliners and broke out in the hit Fox series 24 has had a number of alcohol-related incidents. Of his incidents the one that stands out is a 2007 DUI.

Mickey Rourke – Is it any surprise that this actor who starred in 91/2 Weeks opposite Kim Basinger and won an Academy Award for The Wrestler has had a number of both alcohol and drug-related incidents?

Shia LeBouf – This star of Transformers and Indiana Jones was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles. He crashed his car and suffered major injuries in the accident. He still maintains his scars from that accident. Long known as a partier, LeBouf has managed to stay out of the limelight for substance abuse behaviors the past few years.

These are three actors with immense talent all who seem always to be on the edge of personal catastrophe. I hope that alcohol classes and counseling have helped resurrect both their lives and careers.

Lions Cut Ties With Cornerback Aaron Berry in Need of Michigan Alcohol Class

I am all for giving a person a second chance. So too are the Detroit Lions of the National Football League. Believe me, the Lions have had it rough this past off-season with a handful of players arrested for off-field incidents.

The Lions are fed up with giving players too many chances. Don’t believe me, just ask cornerback Aaron Berry. As reported in

Berry was arrested for the second time in less than a month and charged with three counts of simple assault for allegedly pointing a gun at three people from a car. This happened less than one full day after Berry entered a diversion program for first-time offenders, based on a DUI arrest that happened after witnesses saw his BMW hit two parked cars.

Under the agreement, Berry was to perform 20-40 hours of community service in a six-month period and submit to an alcohol evaluation. What happens to that agreement after his most recent arrest is unclear, but one thing became very evident on Monday: Whatever Berry does from here on out, he won't be doing it as a member of the Lions, who cut him.

Berry's second arrest of the offseason was the seventh overall of a Lions player in the last few months, and came amidst growing. Defensive tackle Nick Fairley has been busted for DUI and marijuana possession in two separate incidents, running back Mikel Leshoure has two pot busts of his own, and offensive lineman Johnny Culbreath has one marijuana possession arrest of his own.

In a previous blog I stated and I repeat – the Lions should mandate Michigan alcohol awareness classes for all of its players every year! It appears an annual drug class could be used as well.

Alcohol Classes Necessary for Celebrities like Barron Hilton

In this 15th installment of my blog series on celebrities and their problems we will see a few more who need to take an alcohol class. Their behavior is certainly not worth modeing and I strongly recommend each continue to take alcohol classes as they try and stay sober.

Barron Hilton – The name says it all. Of course he is part of the magnate hotel family and he too suffers from alcoholism like his sister. Barron was arrested as an 18-year-old for DUI after blowing a 0.14 in Los Angeles. Why is it I feel like smacking the indolent look off his face in this mug shot?

Will Roger Goodell Make 8 Hour Alcohol Awareness Classes Mandatory?

Being commissioner of the National Football League cannot be easy. The job is certainly made more difficult by the off-field antics of its players.

This offseason the NFL has had 31 of their players. Of these 31 arrests, 12 have been for DUI’s. The DUI problem is not a new one in the NFL. As reported in

The worst incident in history may be from 1998 former St. Louis Rams defensive end Leonard Little struck and killed Susan Gutweiler in St. Louis while driving drunk. He was arrested again in 2004 for driving drunk. Despite getting arrested twice for DUI’s and killing an innocent woman in the process Little was suspended a grand total of eight games by the NFL, all in the 1999 season after the first, more devastating DUI. More recently, current New England Patriots wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth struck and killed Mario Reyes while driving drunk in Miami in March 2009. He was suspended for the entire 2009 season.

Are these penalties enough? It is surprising these players did not get more jail time for their actions as well. Don’t you agree?

I am calling for the NFL to tackle the problem of alcohol use and abuse by its players. Not only is the NFL responsible by the union (NFLPA) as well. There should be mandatory alcohol classes for all players every year. A simple 8-hour online alcohol class could be the difference between life and death. It certainly is not going to hurt.