Pro Wrestler Needs Florida Alcohol Class

Anyone who saw the heart-wrenching movie “The Wrestler” knows how difficult professional wrestling can be. The crazy hours and travel combined with the grueling physical punishment day in and day out are motivating factors toward many wrestlers’ addiction issues.

Now comes the sad story of a wrestling legend.

According to TMZ, wrestling legend Scott Hall was arrested after allegedly choking out his girlfriend in a drunken fit of rage. For those of you wrestling fans – you know Hall is the last guy on Earth coming after you in a drunken rage. The 6-foot-7-inch, 287-pound monster was so powerful he required two sets of handcuffs.

Evidently, cops were called to Hall's Florida home over a domestic disturbance in progress around 5pm. When they arrived, Scott's girlfriend Lisa Howell claimed the wrestling superstar had attacked her.

She said Hall had been drinking for days and the two had gotten into some kind of argument. When she tried to get into her car and flee, Hall, in a blind rage, grabbed her by the throat and tried to pull her out of the driver's seat.

When police arrived and confronted the heavily-intoxicated wrestler he had an "unknown white secretion flowing from both sides of his mouth." Was he foaming at the mouth?

Police observed several signs of physical injury on Lisa -- including red marks around her neck -- so they placed Hall under arrest for domestic battery.

Exacerbating his problems was the fact that the jail refused to take him because he was too inebriated. He had to be taken to a nearby hospital to get medical clearance.

Not surprisingly, his girlfriend has refused to press charges. Is it fear or love?

Either way, it is evident Hall has a major problem with alcohol. He needs to seek help immediately. In addition to counseling her should take a Florida alcohol class.

Police Chiefs Need Illinois Alcohol Class

Do you agree with the theory that police officers should lead by example? How about their bosses, the police chiefs? I would think that at least when it comes to drinking and driving the answer to those questions should be yes!

According to the Chicago Tribune, the police chief in Grayslake, Illinois was charged with drunk driving after he and his wife were involved in a crash while returning from dinner.

The 46-year-old Matt McCutcheon was swaying and almost lost his balance as he pulled out his wallet and showed his police badge.

McCutcheon was drunk enough that officers clearly smelled alcohol on his breath. It didn’t help that his eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Combine that with slurred speech and you have a police chief that should lose his job!

Then of course he lied about how much he had to drink when claimed he’d only had a few beers with dinner.

And to add insult to injury, he was packing heat. Not only did he have a weapon, but it was loaded with a round in the chamber.

After refusing a breathalyzer he was taken to the local hospital for a blood sample where he admitted to three vodka martinis as well.

McCutcheon has been on the force since 1991. He may well be kissing away his 130,000 salary.

What a dummy. Why would he drink and drive knowing how much he had to lose. Perhaps an Illinois alcohol class and some serious counseling will help him get sober and stay that way.

Former NBA Star Needs Alcohol Class

I recently blogged about professional athletes whose careers are winding down turning to alcohol and other drugs. This may be the case with former NBA star Loren Woods.

Woods made the stupid mistake of drinking and driving. He exacerbated the problem by trying to bribe the arresting officer.

The incident occurred when 33-year-old Loren Woods was driving erratically shortly before 4 a.m. in Tampa, FL. Everything about Woods’ behavior was erratic! This was reported in

As the officer approached the vehicle, Woods reportedly exited and began walking away. The officer finally got Woods to stop and noticed alcohol on his breath, slurred speech and glassy eyes.

There was no card Woods refused to pay – including racism. Woods allegedly refused to perform a field sobriety test, saying such tests were biased against black people and that he would only do it if a black officer administered them.

He was arrested for DUI after repeatedly refusing to take the test as well as a breath test.

As Woods was taken into custody, the officer counted about $2,200 in cash that was on him and placed it on the hood of the police car.

"You want to take that?" Woods asked. The officer told him that it would be placed with his property to which he reportedly said, "I don't got no property. You take that and I jet."

After refusing a breath test a final time, Woods was taken to jail and charged with DUI and bribery of a public servant. His money was seized as evidence.

Woods played in the NBA from 2001 to 2008. Teams he played for include the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Miami Heat, the Toronto Raptors, and the Houston Rockets. 

He currently plays in the Iranian Basketball Super League.

Sad story about a once glorified athlete. I hope Woods get counseling and takes a Florida alcohol and DUI class too.

Police Officers need Florida Alcohol Classes Too

Is the chief of police supposed to lead by example? I certainly think so. Lately I have been reading about a rash of incidents involving police chiefs drinking and driving.

If driving under the influence violations were taken seriously by all professions I would bet fewer people would drink and drive. The Orlando Sentinal reports that in Boca Raton, Florida Police Chief Jeff Tyson was fired less than 24 hours after his on charges of drunken driving and hit-and-run.

In the termination letter, Town Manager Michael Bornstein said Tyson violated at least five departmental rules, with behavior unbecoming of a town employee either on or off duty, which would bring discredit or interfere with the town service.

Making matters worse, the 51-year-old Tyson was driving an unmarked police car when he crashed into the unmarked car of a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office deputy, who stopped in front of him at the traffic light.

Tyson drove off but eventually stopped after the deputy followed with his emergency lights on. Breath tests showed Tyson's blood alcohol level at nearly three times the legal amount to drive.

The move ends Tyson's brief stint — less than two years — as the department’s top cop.

A police officer convicted of DUI is required by the state to undergo substance-abuse counseling and Florida alcohol awareness class, and can barred from working in law enforcement for up to a year. If you knew you would be fired would that deter you from drinking and driving? Of course this is a totally egregious act with him being totally bolloxed.

I would hope with some counseling and an alcohol class he can return to being a positive force in society.

DUI Offender With 8 Arrests Needs Montana Alcohol Awareness Class

We all know drinking and driving is a real problem in society. Statistics show that for every time a drunken driver is arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) they probably had driven while intoxicated over 300 times. Just how do those numbers for out for a serial DUI offender?

Ponder that and then ask yourself how many DUIs someone should be allowed before their driving privileges permanently revoked.

A Montana serial DUI offender will not be molesting other drivers with his drunken behavior for at least a decade after being convicted and sentenced for his 8th DUI offense. This reported in the

Bradley Noble, 48, was sent back to jail for 10 years after getting pulled over an eighth time for driving intoxicated. Noble was pulled over after his erratic driving caught the attention of police officers.

Noble had gone almost a decade between DUI infractions. He recived his seventh DUI in January of 2002 and was sentenced to 20 years in jail with five suspended. He had two other cases at the time and was given suspended sentences for those.

Despite 10 years since his previous arrest, Noble had been caught driving a motor vehicle on at least four occasions since Sept. 27, 2006 and has been caught in possession or under the influence of alcohol on at least two occasions and caught frequenting a bar on at least two occasions. These are all violations of his parole!

This is a sad story of an individual suffering from serious alcoholism. I would hope the state of Montana permanently revokes his license so he will not take his life, and the lives others, into his hands, behind the wheel of a car.

Perhaps a Montana MIP class in his tens might have prevented this behavior. Yet another story of alcohol ruining someone’s life.

Another Child Star Amanda Bynes Needs Alcohol Class

The stories of young, Hollywood stars partying abound. It seems almost rare for a young celebrity not to be busted for drugs or alcohol. Tim Tebow aside, name one Hollywood celebrity or professional athlete who has not been busted for drugs or alcohol!

Of course the majority of the above-referenced groups are clean and sober, however, there are many young stars that get busted for drugs or alcohol. You can now add the name Amanda Bynes to this listed of busted celebs according to

How Drunk Was She or Is She Innocent?

Known for her “good girl” image, Bynes surprised fans when she was busted for DUI after sideswiping a cop car while attempting to pass it. Not only was she busted and spent the night in the drunk tank, but she was caught by the paparazzi as well.

There is video evidence of Bynes stumbling out of a Los Angeles, California nightclub, despite claims from her father that she scored a zero on the breathalyzer test and that his daughter does not drink, the video seems to prove him very wrong indeed as she is escorted out of Greystone Manor in West Hollywood by two of her friends. Fortunately she chose to get a taxi back home rather than drive this time.

Recently the paparazzi photographed her driving and texting at the same time and there is also a video showing her eyes are very much glued to the screen of her white iPhone rather than the road.

Those close to the young star are not surprised, but still are saddened by her continued partying.

Amanda is a real talent. She has a bright future ahead of her but needs to get sober and stay that way. I would like to see her father step in and admit his daughter’s issues and help her enroll in an alcohol class and a drug class. To keep her more private he could enroll her in an online 12 hour alcohol class too.

Boxer Kelly Pavlik Knows Value of DUI Classes

Last year I blogged about a boxer named Kelly Pavlik. Fighting on the undercard of the Manny Pacquiao-Shane Mosley bout, he was the feel good story about overcoming addiction. For those of you wondering. Here is a follow up on how our friend Kelly is doing.

Nearly two years have passed since Kelly Pavlik lost the middleweight championship to Sergio Martinez, and 10 months have passed since Pavlik's only fight since -- a shaky decision win against Alfonso Lopez on the Pacquiao- Mosley undercard.

Rocky Road

After angering his promoter by walking out on a fight he was then arrested on a DUI charge in his hometown of Youngstown, Ohio. This reported at ESPN.

Once again, Kelly has gotten back off the canvas. He is trying to overcome his demons and train his way back into the ring.

Leaving Ohio for a fresh start in Oxnard, California, Pavlik is set to fight featherweight Frankie Leal (17-5-3, 10 KOs) of Mexico in a 10-round bout.

Clean and sober for more than four months now, Kelly claims he is in the best shape of his life. Hopefully he will maintain his sobriety and claim the success his God-given talents offer. Of all people, Kelly Pavlik understands the need for California DUI classes and counseling.

Teacher Needs North Dakota Alcohol Awareness Class

It seems like I could blog about a different teacher providing alcohol to students every week. Remember when Mary Kay Latourneau was the anomaly? If you recall she had sex with her 13-year-old student. They fell in love, got married and are still living together now. She is now a 48-year-old grandmother.

This week’s atrocity comes from North Dakota, where a teacher is accused of providing alcohol and having sex with her students.

Jennifer Katherine Schultz is no longer teaching teenagers. The former Hebron High School teacher is on trial for charges of sexually assaulting two boys and providing alcohol to them and two others.

Schultz is accused of providing alcohol to a 16-year-old, two 17-year-olds and an 18-year-old. She is accused of having sex with one of the 17-year-olds.

What the heck was she thinking? Did she just snap? She tried to have sex with the other 17-year-old and when he said no, she fondled him until he told her to stop. That is just complete insanity!

If convicted of the sexual assault charges, Schultz will be required to register as a sex offender.

I would say this story makes no sense if it were not so similar to other stories around the country in the past year. What is happening with our teachers? Perhaps they need more education. Perhaps a parenting class and an North Dakota alcohol awarenes class. Either way this is a zero-tolerance issue. Most assuredly she should not be entrusted to educating our kids anymore.

Read more:

Atlanta Braves Pitcher Cristhian Martinez Needs Georgia Alcohol Awareness Class

For the second time in two years a pitcher from the Atlanta Braves organization has been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. Last year it was 35-year-old starter Derek Lowe who was arrested for DUI after cops caught him racing another vehicle in the middle of the night. This time it was another 30-something pitcher.

Instead of racing at high speeds, Braves reliever Cristhian Martinez was arrested after allegedly weaving in and out of a lane and traveling at a low speed. This according to

Like many DUI offenders, Martinez was pulled over in the middle of the night, at 2:42 a.m. he was clocked going 40mph in a 65mph zone.

Reeking of alcohol, officers administered a field sobriety test, which Martinez failed. He also failed a breathalyzer test, blowing a .13.

Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez obviously was not happy and said that the team will follow the rules outlined in Major League Baseball’s most recent collective bargaining agreement.

This incident mars a great spring so far for the 30-year-old hurler. Martinez has secured a spot in the Braves bullpen this spring after going 0-0 with a 1.38 ERA in eight appearances, allowing two runs in 13 innings, with three walks, 13 strikeouts and a .159 opponents’ batting average.

Martinez is in his third season in the Braves organization after appearing in 64 major-league games over the past two seasons. Hopefully he will proactively enroll in an Georgia alcohol class and seek counseling for a possible drinking problem.

Bobby Brown Needs an Alcohol Class

There is no doubt things are not tough for singer Bobby Brown. He just lost the love of his life, Whitney Houston, a few weeks ago. He also has battled drug and alcohol addiction for the past two decades. Now he has been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI).

Bobby Brown has been charged with driving under the influence and driving on a suspended license on march 29th. Brown was arrested after police pulled him over for talking on his cell phone and he appeared intoxicated.

Of course this is not Brown’s first run-in with the law. He also has numerous driving-related offenses.

The 43-year-old New Edition singer has been in the spotlight since his ex-wife, multiple-Grammy Award winning recording star Whitney Houston, drowned last month in a hotel bathtub after using cocaine and prescription drugs.

The recording artists, who both battled addictions to drugs and alcohol over the years, have one child together, 19-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina.

This is yet one more example of how celebrities are not role models. Brown is a poster-child for the “just say no” to drugs and alcohol campaigns. For the sale of his daughter and fans I would hope that Brown could resurrect his health and stay sober.

While my expectations are low, I would recommend he do two things. First, seek salvation and inner-peace by finding religion in his life. Second take an alcohol class and join an alcohol support group like Alcoholics Anonymous to maintain sobriety.