Could An Alcohol Awareness Class Saved Olympic Skier?

Alcohol and drugs are the downfall for many an athlete. To stay in peak physical condition athletes absolutely have to stay away from these two lethal substances.

Professional skiers are adrenaline junkies to say the least. These people thrive on intense thrills that bring them to the edge of mortality. Jeret Peterson was one such athlete.

The 29-year-old Peterson took his own life yesterday. Having a history with alcoholism and depression, Peterson had been working hard to overcome being abused as a child. He sought and found refuge on the slopes.

Best known as a skier for patenting the “Hurricane”, Peterson brought home a Silver Medal at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. He was crying like a baby the day he took second in freestyle skiing.

Since winning the silver medal Peterson, nicknamed “Speedy,” had begun drinking again. Just last week he was cited for driving under the influence in Hailey, Idaho.

Police found his body in a remote canyon in Utah in Lambs Canyon. There was a suicide note near the body. Ironically, Peterson had witnessed a close friend commit suicide before the Winter Olympics at Turin, Italy.

Speedy’s only chance for survival was sobriety. Mixing alcohol with his history was a recipe for disaster. America has just lost one of its most colorful personalities.

NHL Great Will Be Taking Alcohol Awareness Class

Hockey is a tough sport. It takes extreme physical strength and stamina and an unusually high tolerance for pain and suffering. These guys hit hard! Goalies don’t have it any easier with slap shots coming straight at them at well over 100 miles per hour!

Goalie DUI

No matter how tough you are, alcohol still will make you drunk, and when you are in that state, no matter how big a hit you can take, you still are unable to drive.

Nicolai Khabibulin, the 38-year-old goaltender for the Edmonton Oilers of the national Hockey League will pay the consequences for his DUI behavior. Khabibulin was originally pulled over in February 2010 for speeding. Field sobriety tests and a blood test revealed his blood alcohol content to be .164, more than twice the legal limit.

One of the reasons this has dragged on so long is that Khabibulin had been appealing the original conviction hoping for a lesser sentence. With the seemingly endless hockey season about to begin, Khabibulin decided to get it over with.

Jail Time for NHL All Star

To pay his debt to society Khabibulin will get a 30-day stay in a Phoenix, Arizona jail. Additionally, Khabibulin was fined $1,507.60 and was required to participate in an alcohol program. He paid the fine and is awaiting approval from the judge for his participation in an alcohol program.

His jail stay will cost the State of Arizona far more than his fine. Let’s hope Khabibulin can use his celebrity for good and educate young hockey players on the dangers of drinking and driving.

Amy Winehouse Tragedy Could Have Been Avoided

I am a firm believer that you cannot have too much education. Was Amy Winehouse a sick individual? Absolutely. I would be naïve to think that one simple alcohol awareness class would have been the difference between a tragic young talent losing her life at the age of 27, or getting off the road to perdition.

The primary problem was that Winehouse did not have a true positive influence in her life. While she may have had friends and relatives who were concerned about her chronic drug use and alcoholism, but none of them had the inner-influence to help her get off drugs and alcohol and reclaim her life.

Where Was Her Answer?

Statistics can be a great thing, however, when they are involved in cases of alcoholism, drug addiction and celebrity death they are nothing but sad. The fact that she became a statistic is not surprising. Her abuse of chemical substances was widely reported.

Her abusive behavior was snowballing. She was fast-tracking herself to rehab or worse. Unfortunately for her, and those who loved her, it was worse. The 27-year-old uber-talent that was Amy Winehouse died last week after a binge of drugs and alcohol. The tragedy was no surprise.

Over the past years the singer's father Mitch Winehouse had desperately tried to get his daughter who battled addiction into the same rehab clinic which helped Russell Brand shortly before her death.

History Repeats Itself

In a tribute to Winehouse, Hollywood Superstar Russell Brand said that without the help of the same group Winehouse’s father recommended, would have been dead by now of a drug overdose.

Winehouse, who shot to fame in 2003 with her debut album Frank, reportedly thought she'd die young and join the member of the '27 Club'. Others who died at 27 include Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain.

More Education Could Help

Like most troubled celebrity stars, Amy Winehouse tried to get clean. She and those close to her knew that she was on a self-destructive path to something really bad. They were correct. She had been in and out of rehab – and she was only 27!

If someone’s problems are bad enough to manifest themselves to the point of multiple-rehab stints, something should have been done long before now! That is true not only for Winehouse but all of those suffering from addictions like drug abuse and alcoholism.

The singer who was known for having red roses pinned to her hair while she sang and who sported numerous tattoos was on the same collision course with the Grim Reaper we all are. Unfortunately for Amy Winehouse, it may very well have come before the beautiful gifts God had given her were able to multiply and positively infect all those who knew her tremendous gift.

Like so many others, Amy Winehouse has become a statistic. She is a statistic for those whose lives have been pre-maturely claimed by drugs and alcohol.

As a recovering alcoholic and drug abuser, I really hate to see the loss a death like this has on society. I can only hope that this death serves a purpose. I hope that from the death of Amy Winehouse people realize this can happen to you. It is here and now. Please do not abuse drugs and alcohol.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from drug abuse or alcoholism, please seek help immediately. If you prefer to have complete anonymity there are online alcohol awareness classes as well.

Mel Gibson Needed Alcohol Awareness Class

America’s fascination with celebrities goes back more than 100 years. For some reason we place these normal people on a pedestal. People like to look, dress and act like celebrities. As is often the case, these vaunted celebrities prove they are not worthy of such adulation. One of the best examples is Mel Gibson.

A Road Warrior or Road Terror?

Gibson skyrocketed to fame with the 1979 cult-classic film “Mad Max.” His stardom was solidified in the sequel “Road Warrior” and “Lethal Weapon.” Rising to fame as a warrior of the roads in a post-apocolyptic Earth, Gibson proved more adept behind the wheel on the set than on the real streets.

The arrest of the Australian-born actor on July 28, 2006 (today is the 5 year anniversary) was a shock to many as he had a virtually unblemished reputation prior to this arrest.

DUI and More Cause Star to Fall

It was not only the fact that a clearly drunken Gibson slurred his words and failed a field sobriety test that caused his celebrity to fall, but the slew of anti-semetic profanity that spewed out of his mouth after his arrest.

Following his anti-semetic outburst came information about his father, whose religious beliefs certainly would be considered fanatical and definitely anti-semetic came to light. As they say, “the apple does not fall far from the tree,” so it is no surprise that an industry were the Jewish Community is heavily involved, would turn its back on a one-time superstar.

Gibson is just another example of a normal person, given extreme celebrity, who failed as a human being during his time in the spotlight.

Alcohol Awareness on an African Safari

As we all are aware here in the United States it can be difficult to interpret some of the laws. Just look at the amendments on each ballot. Often if you vote yes, you really are voting no. Sometimes a law will have consequences are far-reaching impacts that had never been considered.

Kenya is no Different

Recently the government in Kenya passed the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act. The country has been plagued by toxic brews that are homemade and have been lethal. This act was supposed to stop the spread of these backyard recipes and encourage healthy consumption of legal alcoholic beverages. It was aimed to protect Kenya’s poorest class of society.

Unintended Consequences

The new law has instead targeted the middle class and the consumption of safe and legal alcohol products. One unusual clause deal with the fact that now it criminalizes the presence with family of a child below 18 years at a dinner table in a restaurant where a glass of wine is served.

Under this law, as it stands now, children must be cleared from all places, rooms and entertainment joints where citizens, or even tourists who come to Kenya specifically to indulge themselves, are served with alcohol.

We may as well have banned all children below age 18 of age from our fabulous game lodges. But the most infamous clause, of course, is the severe limitation of the hours during which the sale of alcohol is permitted.

You cannot buy a bottle of wine legally from Nakumatt, or any other supermarket after 8.30pm. You cannot have a beer for lunch except, of course, in an exclusive private members’ club.

So, make sure you are aware of all the alcohol laws if you travel to Kenya for an African safari. Ignorance of the law may lead to unintended consequences!

Woman Could Use Both Alcohol Awareness Class and Online Theft Class

When a deal seems too good to be true, there is probably something fishy. Such is the case recently in Indiana where a local tavern was busted for buying stolen alcohol. The thief was 42-year-old Theresa Lowe who pilfered the booze from a local Kroger’s grocery store.

Officers seized 21 bottles of stolen liquor from R&R Bar and Grill in Jeffersonville. According to police, the bar’s owner indicated he paid about $20 for each bottle of liquor.

R&R was cited for four violations: purchasing alcohol from unauthorized source, receiving stolen property, no employee permit and record of employee permit required.

Lowe may have taken about $3,000 in alcohol and other items from Kroger stores since March. Her criminal trespass charge stems from a theft case at the Kroger in Clarksville, Indiana on March 3. She was stopped for taking about $159.43 worth of merchandise and signed a no-trespass form.

Should Have Known Better

Roy Davey, the bar’s owner, said that the employee who agreed to purchase the liquor will be disciplined once they receive all the police reports.

Davey said about buying the alcohol from an individual was not normal protocol.

“She came through with some booze,” Davey said. “She said she was selling some cheap liquor.”

Davey admitted he knew the alcohol was hot, or stolen, as soon as he heard how much they had paid.

Lowe, who was convicted of fraud in 2007, was charged on with class D felony theft and class A misdemeanor criminal trespass with respect to her latest transgressions.

Again, folks this is a simple one where two parties both committed theft. Be kind to your fellow citizens and do not take what is not yours. If you know somebody who steals, recommend a theft class. If somebody has a drinking problem, they could benefit from alcohol education.

Perhaps Alcohol Awareness Classes Should be Mandatory for Hollywood Celebrities

Here’s a question for you – which of the following celebrities has been arrested for driving under the influence? Second, how many of these “celebrities” have you heard of?

Here you go: Busta Rhymes, Jennifer Lynn Jackson, Eve, Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros. The answer is that all were arrested for DUI and I had heard of all except Jennifer Lynn Jackson.

Lost in Booze

Two of the stars of the mega-television hit show “Lost” are on this list. Watros, who played Libby on “Lost”, also starred on the “Drew Carey Show” and the soap opera “Guiding Light” was arrested and plead guilty to DUI and was sentenced to an alcohol awareness class and 90 days probation.

Rogriguez, who played Ana Lucia Cortez on “Lost” also was in “Girlfight” and “Avatar” among other starring roles. She was arrested and found guilty of Dui in Hawaii back in December, 2005.

Rappers Need Alcohol Awareness Classes too

Busta Rhymes was pulled over for having overly tinted windows and reeked of booze. After failing a sobriety test he was convicted of Dui back in 2007.

Eve, a pop-rap super star drove her Maserati into a center divider on Hollywood Boulevard on April 26th of 2007. She was arrested for DUI and was sentenced to 36 months informal probation, ordered to wear a SCRAM alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet for 45 days, enroll in a three-month first-offender alcohol education program and attend at least 10 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Are Playmates Dumb Enough to Drink and Drive?

Of course the answer is yes. A former Playboy Playmate, Jennifer Lynn Jackson was pulled over in Ohio on June 30th 2007. The 38-year-old was caught with a large amount of beer bottles, marijuana and rolling papers in her car.

Her breath analysis test showed her with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.077 with the legal limit in the country being 0.08. She initially pleaded not guilty, however the field tests failed were caught on police video camera and are all over the Internet showing how the Playmate almost fell into the road and barely missed being hit by traffic.

People, celebrities are just people with all the same flaws as everyone else. They may have a special talent for singing, dancing, acting, or just have an amazing physical beauty, but they’re still human. 

You Are an Absolute Star I Cannot Thank You Enough!

This is some recent feedback we got from one of our customers.

What did we do to earn this praise? Nothing special really. She had a simple request for us regarding her certificate. The point is not that we did it, but that we responded promptyly and took  care of her request quickly without any fuss. This is the way we treat all our customers.

We know that sometimes having an alcohol awareness class requirement and not much time to meet it can be really stressful. Like everybody else, I've dealt with bad customer service. Nothing could be more frustrating that being put on hold forever or having to wade through a crazy phone tree or even talking to a guy in a foreign country who doesn't speak your language.

Even though Online Alcohol Class has a small staff, we really try to give our customers the best personal customer support we possibly can for our alcohol awareness classes and MIP classes. We don't outsource our customer service. You call us and you reach our office. If we miss your call, we respond promptly. And no matter what you request is, as long as it's reasonable, we do everything we can to try to meet it. That's our promise!

Alcohol Awareness Class May Have Prevented Death

If you continually break the law, it will catch up to you. Nobody can escape the long arm of the law. The question is, do our laws help prevent dangerous behavior. Also, would harsher punishments for offenses help deter recidivism?

Third Time Caused Death

Tania Cederholm had a serious drinking problem the first time she was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). Her drinking problem had progressed the second time she was arrested for DUI. The third time her drinking and driving killed someone!

Last week Cederholm was sentenced to eight years behind bars for killing David LeJune of Rockford, Illinois. She was convicted of one count of Aggravated Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol Causing Death (Class 2 Felony). At the time of the accident in 2007 Cederholm already had 2 DUI convictions under her belt (pun intended).

Obviously the punishment for the first 2 DUI offenses was not strong enough to deter her from operating a vehicle after drinking alcohol. Cederholm was almost incoherent at the time of the accident, swerving her vehicle right in front of LeJune’s causing him to swerve to miss her. Cederholm blood-alcohol concentration at the time of the accident - .246 – more than three times the legal limit.

What is it going to take to curb drinking and driving? For those of you who read my blogs and reply, I think we all agree that tougher laws combined with technology will be the answer.

China Will Need Alcohol Awareness Classes (Part 2)

In my previous blog entry, I noted that it seems like everything is booming in China–the population, the economy, even booze consumption. The growing Chinese middle class is quickly joining its Western counterparts as a group who enjoys alcoholic libations. But as with many things in this ever-so-secretive country, we like to know what they are drinking.

Chinese Like the Hard Stuff

China has long been fond of hard-core grain alcohol. Usually they potent concoctions are made from sorghum, rice, wheat, or barley and baijiu is most commonly served during traditional occasions. These beverages are between 100 and 120 proof.

Being the national drink of China, baijiu accounts for almost the entire spirits market. For most Chinese men, it is strength that qualifies an alcoholic beverage as a "man's drink." The high potency is what keeps baijiu as the preferred drink among Chinese men during private and business drinking occasions.

FABs Dominate Chinese Market

In recent years, beer, hard cider, and flavored alcoholic beverages (FABs, which are sweet, relatively low-alcohol content beverages such as wine coolers) have dominated the Chinese alcoholic beverage sector, however, accounting for roughly 90 percent of the market's sales by volume in 2009 and 2010. Standard lager is the preferred beer in China, but sales of low-and no-alcohol beers are rising faster than those of lager.

Alcohol Sales Skyrocket

Spirits and wine share the remaining 10 percent of China's sales volume, with spirits contributing the larger proportion. In terms of spirits, baijiu, brandy, whiskey, and vodka have the highest sales volumes. Recently, an expanding elite consumer segment in China has boosted sales of premium spirits such as whiskey. Experts predict that whiskey sales will increase by 24 percent in the next five years.

Rising demand for premium whiskey is also prompting companies such as Diageo plc to boost its sales through exclusive retail stores in upscale areas of major Chinese cities.

Wine has recorded big increases in sales volume growth rates, with a 32 percent jump during 2008-09 and an estimated 24 percent jump during 2009-10. In comparison, the sales volume of China's beer, cider, and FABs market and spirits market expanded about 6 percent and 3 percent, respectively, during 2008-09 and 2009-10. Red wine contributes nearly 62 percent of total wine sales by volume, and white wine contributes another 38 percent.

Globally, China ranked first in both population of legal drinking age and overall alcoholic beverage sector sales volume in 2009.

With the growing drinking culture, China must also look to alcohol awareness. In a country that tightly controls virtually every facet of its citizens’ actions, perhaps mandatory alcohol awareness classes are in order before things get out of control.